The article here on the LA Voz de Almería site has details of the first flights in and out of Almería airport.

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Manchester tourists 'reopen' this Thursday the Almería airport

Today, flights to Madrid and Melilla and Seville started again yesterday.

At 20.50 today, the first passengers on an international flight are scheduled to set foot in Almería, since the border closure decreed in mid-February by the State of Alarm.

It is a regular flight from Manchester, operated by Ryanair and loaded with tourists heading to urbanizations and hotels to Levante and Poniente in the capital.

Along with this operation from England, Madrid flights are also resumed today, Melilla along with Seville's which was restarted yesterday by Air Nostrum, with a reduction in frequencies. Throughout this month, Vueling is also expected to restart its routes to Barcelona.

Aena explained that the recovery of normal hours has the authorization of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and has been implemented in coordination with the State Aviation Safety Agency.

Normality at the airport arrives once the alarm state and mobility restrictions have ended, given the reactivation that is beginning to be seen in air traffic. This measure implies the elimination of operations on demand, so the requirement to request authorization for a commercial passenger flight to operate at the airport will cease to be three hours in advance, reestablishing the usual dynamics.

In recent months, Aena has been reorganizing the facilities of its airports, in order to favor more efficient management and minimize the exposure of workers, always ensuring attention to essential flights such as cargo flights to supply the population, medical supplies or flights of the National Transplant Organization and the State Security Forces and Bodies, among others. Once the restrictions on mobility have disappeared and with the reactivation of demand, the measures adopted will be reversed with the commitment to cover in an agile and safe way the progressive rebound in air traffic.