The article here on the Ideal site has details of a 3 year local tourism plan:

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The surroundings of the Castillo de Guardias Viejas will be a didactic Mediterranean garden

The Tourism area prepares a Sustainability Plan that includes maritime paths, an 'Agriculture Experience Center' and a Tourism Observatory

The Tourism area of ​​the El Ejido City Council has prepared a Sustainability Plan for the Ejido municipality with which to give a boost to a sector that has been severely beaten by the Covid-19 health crisis. A Plan that includes interesting and ambitious projects with which to promote a change in the tourist model of the town and that is based on both the development and the sustainable transformation of the tourist resources of El Ejido.

Precisely the Governing Board on Thursday gave the green light to present this Plan to the Ministry of Tourism of the Junta de Andalucía and the Secretary of State for Tourism, with the aim of attending the national call for the program 'Plans for Sustainable Tourism in Destinations '.

In this sense, the El Ejido City Council will try to revitalize the surroundings of the Castillo de Guardias Viejas, a privileged enclave, from where the entire extensive ejido coastline can be observed. To do this, it plans to create a didactic Mediterranean garden around the Castle, as well as a Center for Gastronomic Experiences in the Carabineros Barracks, located in front of the Castle. However, these are not the only projects included in this Plan, but the creation of an 'Agriculture Experience Center' and a maritime path that connects Almerimar with Old Guards is also proposed.

Precisely the progress of construction in the nucleus of Almerimar already places it very close to that of Guards Viejas.

In the same way, the Tourism area includes in its Plan scooters and electric bikes and points to recharge them in its main tourist resources, with the aim of promoting environmental care and promoting sustainable transport.

To all this would be added the creation of a tourist observatory that will allow the sector to monitor the flow of tourists and, therefore, advance their knowledge, to continue implementing measures to improve it.

A three-year program

Regarding the call for the program 'Plans for Sustainable Tourism in Destinations', proposed by the Secretary of State for Tourism, it establishes that it will be developed in three years and will be funded at 33% by the three administrations involved, such as the City Council, the Junta de Andalucía and Central Government. That is why the Governing Board approved on Thursday the sending of the plan to these two supra-municipal organizations.

The call is intended to increase the sustainability and operational capacity of local entities that manage tourist destinations, as well as help them to articulate local action plans that incorporate actions against the crisis in the sector caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which improve the sustainability of destinations and allow them to recover, maintain and attract tourist demand.

El Ejido will have a gastronomic experiences center

A place like El Ejido, where the largest number of agricultural holdings are concentrated with about 13,100 wintering hectares that annually produce about 1,330,000 tons of top quality fruits and vegetables, and which has a varied gastronomy that is also nourished by its coast, it had to have a space dedicated to highlighting all this wealth, and it will.

The Sustainability Plan prepared by the Tourism area contemplates the opening of a Center for Gastronomic Experiences that merges agriculture with artisanal fishing.

A center that is also expected to open in a historic enclave such as the Carabineros Barracks, in the vicinity of the Guardias Viejas Castle.