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El Ejido combines agriculture, gastronomy, and tradition in an 'Experience Center'

The City Council is now participating in aid from the central and regional government to make an ambitious project a reality that the mayor describes as a pioneer

El Ejido wants to become a place where its visitors can know and enjoy with all their senses its important agro-industrial sector, its gastronomy and the tradition of this land.

That is why the local government has planned the construction of an 'Experience Center' complex that will occupy different spaces within the Ejido coast.

Thus, in the Ejido Beach area, the construction of an Experiences Center related to the agro-industrial sector has been planned. «A pioneering project from the agronomic point of view, of what this museum of our agriculture and our farming system and of the entire agro-industry would be, not only at the local or provincial level, but also regionally and even nationally, as it is El Ejido also in the entire auxiliary industry and in the cultivation model, ”explained the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora.

That will be one of the legs of the municipality's Sustainability Plan that the Tourism area drew up over the past year and which is now outlining its last steps to seek financing with which to make it possible.

Precisely also in Almerimar, the creation of a tourist observatory is also proposed that will allow the monitoring of tourist flows. An installation for which, among other spaces, a place near the entrance to the Punta Entinas Sabinar Natural Park has been proposed.

Gastronomic experiences

Another important leg of this great project is a Gastronomic Experiences Center. In this case, the chosen location will be the old Carabineros Barracks, which is located in front of the Guardias Viejas Castle and from where to bring all visitors the great richness of our gastronomy in a land that offers the highest quality fruit and vegetable products, to those who join their traditional fishing, which still exists today.

Little is known about how this gastronomic experience center would be made and to what extent it would allow the visitor to discover different flavors.

What the mayor did highlight was its location. «A center that has an absolutely privileged space that dominates the hillside with the Castillo de Guardias Viejas in front of it, and with an unbeatable panoramic view. It is an unbeatable opportunity, "said Góngora.

All this in an environment where it is also planned to create a didactic Mediterranean garden, a maritime path that connects Almerimar with Old Guards, and encourages sustainable mobility for bikes.

Deadlines and cost

In this sense, the highest municipal official said in this regard this week that the City Council has already allocated "approximately 1.4 million euros for this year's budget and we hope it can become a reality."

And it is that the local government is waiting for the Board and the Ministry to open a period for submitting applications for the Destination Tourism Sustainability Plan Program, which is developed by the Secretary of State for Tourism and which is co-financed in equal parts between the central government. , Junta de Andalucía and City Council.

Therefore, the total cost of the project would be around four million euros.

"We are already approving all the certifications, we have approved the commitment to assume the expense and I believe that in the coming months there should already be a resolution with the successful bidders," said Góngora, who announced that they have already been "seeing the project in situ with people in charge of the Ministry of Tourism and they liked it a lot ».

In this sense, the mayor pointed out that it is "a very beautiful project that will come to enhance the tourism development that we are promoting and diversify the offer a bit."

Precisely for this reason he was restrictive in stating that they will seek "a way to make it a reality, yes or yes," he said.