Alcazaba Almería

Looks like I will have a reason to take another trip to the Alcazaba in Almería once some renovation work is completed.

You can see details in the article here on the La Voz de Almería site.

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Almería will win a new viewpoint and an exhibition hall in the Alcazaba

It will be the highest point of the Alcazaba open to the public

The rehabilitation works of the Torre del Homenaje of the Monumental Complex of La Alcazaba de Almería announced by the Junta de Andalucía will allow access to all the floors of the building located in the third enclosure, so it will be able to host exhibitions while offering a new viewpoint in the city with views of the bay of Almería and the city.

The works, for which an initial investment of 708,000 euros is foreseen, have received the approval of the Provincial Heritage Commission, from which they have valued the intervention since after it the visitors will have "a cultural space of the first magnitude, capable of hosting an attractive and innovative program of activities, in addition to showing its documentary, typological, historical and artistic value ", according to the opinion consulted by Europa Press.

The intervention proposal is justified given the "deficient" state of conservation of the Torre del Homenaje and its immediate constructions, such as the entrance door and staircase leading to the walkway, so that it is intended to recover the formal and material integrity of these constructions as well as providing them with a greater degree of security for visitors.

Thus, to enable the rooms and put them into use, the security conditions of the tower will be improved with the recovery of lost areas or with greater deterioration and the improvement of the state of conservation of the walls and vaults. It is also planned to ensure the route through the walkway and other spaces with railings and the improvement of two ground floor spaces, such as the guardhouse and the patio.

This action will be completed with the adaptation of floors, walls and ceilings of all the rooms, so that they recover their "primitive" aspect, and with the repair of the elements with greater deterioration, whether structural, constructive or decorative.