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The seabed of El Ejido, great unknown

What the sea hides

Through scuba diving it is possible to discover another world with stone arches at thirty meters, remains of ship hulls, amphorae, anchors and a lot of marine life

The ejido coast not only offers interesting proposals on its surface, but also hides many others under the sea. In fact, it could be said that the ejido coast is a great unknown in which even those who come from outside are more interested than the ejidenses themselves. And it is that as they say 'in the house of a blacksmith, wooden spoon'.

But those who have submerged in its waters can give testimony not only of the pleasant experience, but of what an experience such as scuba diving also supposes. And it is that for those who have never practiced it, it is like the entrance to another world. It is quite an experience to submerge and float with little effort, to enter a state of calm where time seems to stop, but where at the same time any sound is multiplied giving the impression of having it right on top. A few moments in which the diver and the marine world create a synergy and you can enjoy a life that you cannot imagine from the outside.

Jesús Corzo opened Buceo Andalucía two years ago in the Port of Almerimar. «I have been a commercial diver for 35 years, I lived in Murcia for three years and wanted to start a company in Cabo de Palos, but fate wanted a client who had retired in Almerimar to call me to buy equipment, he told me about Almerimar, I took the car and I came to see him. I liked it so much that I bought a house and started the business here, ”he explains.

It has not been easy because shortly after opening the covid-19 pandemic arrived. «We are all hurt, but even so I continue to bet on Almerimar because the possibilities it has are very important, in terms of funds, a privileged location, climate, proximity to other cities such as Almería and Granada, due to the type of tourism ... me El Ejido with its funds are the great unknown ", says Corzo, who emphasizes that" the people here do not live very involved with this marvel of the Mediterranean. "

Currently, this company offers up to 25 different dives along the entire ejido coast, from the Punta Entinas Natural Park to Balerma. Places where you can enjoy curious landscapes, from stone arches under which to dive thirty meters deep, some remains of the hull of sunken ships, areas with remains of amphorae that cannot be touched but can be seen or a large number of huge anchors of ships that once sank. Along with all this, groupers, nudibranchs and a very important variety of colored invertebrates. A marine life that not even the ejidenses themselves know of its existence.

But to discover those best places to dive into, Jesús Corzo has covered this whole thing inch by inch with more than 150 different dives. «More and more people come to ask us, even people who went from here to dive to Cabo de Gata because they thought there was nothing to see here and that was because in their training they have not done diving with a boat and there were a number of sites important that they had not discovered.

This is precisely what he offers, mainly boat diving trips, snorkeling excursions, diving baptisms, 90% also from the boat, and family fishing trips. Along with all this, they also offer diving courses at different levels and will soon start a Nautical-Sports school, to create an offer that allows them to function all year round.

He also has another important project in hand, which is mapping all the dives in Almerimar in 3D. A project for which he is also in contact with the City Council, to whose Tourism area he is grateful for the promotional help he has received.