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Almería obtains the highest note in the evaluation of tourists

Those who have visited Andalusia this year give the province outstanding

Almeria's tourist offer has been positively supported by the evaluations made by visitors who have passed through the province this year. This is the conclusion that emerges from this year's Survey of the Tourist Situation of Andalusia, a work carried out by the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia, dependent on the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities.

A survey that determines that, according to the perception that tourists arriving in the eight Andalusian provinces have obtained, that of Almería gets the best grade, 8.8 out of ten, only comparable to that of Cádiz, the only two that stand out above of the rest in that assessment obtained directly from visitors through satisfaction surveys.

Most of the variables on which the respondents had to give their opinion exceed 8.5, which is the 'cut-off' note of the outstanding. Two concepts stand above the rest, such as the quality of the hotel offer and the beaches of Almería.

The hotel plant in the province is, in fact, one of the most modern in the region as a whole, largely due to the strong investment made just over fifteen years ago, when four and five star establishments were opened. to meet the demand for the Mediterranean Games that Almeria hosted in 2005.

Also an excellent rating, 8.9, for the price-service ratio, both in hotel establishments and in restaurants, which, for tourists, is not only of high quality, but also the price structure is more adjusted than in the rest of the provinces.

Natural spaces

As for the beaches, visitors give them a rating of 9.3, the same as tourist accommodation. Even above this positive perception are those that are located in natural environments and, especially, in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, both for the cleanliness of its crystalline waters and for being located in protected and scarcely saturated areas.

The natural parks themselves, both those located in the vicinity of the coasts and those in the interior of the province, are also around 9 in the notes that tourists have given them, who, however, raise the need for greater care in aspects such as the accesses or the cleanliness that, on occasion, 'spoil' the conditions that allow them to be considered protected.

But it is not only these aspects that receive this approval from visitors, since other variables included in the IECA query, such as the provision of a rich cultural heritage, access to ports and nautical activities or a good communication network by road serve to maintain that overall outstanding.

They also appreciate advantages in the province related to mobility, among them the existence of good tourist signage, which allows identifying or locating places of interest, towns or monuments, or even the level of traffic, less intense than in other Andalusian tourist areas or Spanish.

One aspect that does not go unnoticed is the one related to customer service and that is that tourists have given a nine out of ten to the attention and treatment they receive, both by tourist establishments and in other public and private instances. from the province. That 'good treatment', kindness after all, is important for the vast majority of visitors.

Things to improve Although there is no aspect in which Almería fails, always in the opinion of tourists, communications are located in the caboose, particularly the railway, which has not even been valued in the surveys because it is practically non-existent. In any case, the lack of rail or air services weighs down the overall assessment.

The perception is lower in matters such as cleanliness or citizen security, although this does not prevent the final grade from being above eight and on par, in any case, with the ratings obtained by the rest of the provinces.

It is striking that visitors 'recommend' an improvement in health care, despite the fact that when it comes to scoring it they give it an 8.7, the same as the other provinces.