Marianne & Sune

A bit late this week as Jacqui and I are still catching up following a trip back to the UK.....

The temperature dropped lots of degrees from yesterday but we luckily managed to play with only a little wind.

Read More for details.

We were only two ladies (Marilena and Marianne) so we skipped the entrance fee and spent out money on nice wine instead.
1. Eduardo          40 p
2. Sune              38 p
3. Bill E              35 p
Next Monday we will have a combined Mel Monday/Tuesday Golf to end the spring season. We will play Monday May 11 which is the last day before they close the first nine holes for 2 weeks.
We wish to thank all the Tuesday Golf players for a very nice season and we wish all our players welcome back beginning of October for another season of Tuesday Golf!!
Wishing you all a Happy Summer! See you in October!!