Marianne & Sune

Another lovely day in Almerimar with very good results in the warm sunshine and no wind. We managed to play in just over 4 hours which was good considering quite late tee times, playing Classig and the Masters 10-18. Here are today´s results:

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1. Marianne      35 p
2. Michelle        35 p
3. Marilena       34 p
4. Inger              31 p
5. Roisin            30 p
6. Issy                29 p
Money-back-guarantee: Uschi
1. Peter W         41 p
2. Jim S              39 p
3. Eduardo        38 p
4. John A           38 p
5. Heinz             37 p
6. Sune              34 p
Token for the driving range: Nick Q

Osteria Da Ralph, Almerimar
Marisquería Franc
IKARI, Almerimar
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