Marianne & Sune

Received from Marianne on Tuesday evening but published on Wednesday.....

Here are the results from today´s Tuesday Golf. The promised rain never came and the weather was finally back to normal Almerimar standard. We were 26 players enjoying a lovely golfing day and the golf course is getting better every day.
Next week we will play the Classic Course from 12.00 and then 1-9 on Master Course from 14.14.

Read More for the results.

1. Marianne     39 p
2. Uli                36 p
3. Joan             34 p
4. Agneta        28 p
5. Uschi           28 p
6. Maria H       28 p
Money-back-guarantee: Soli
1. John G           39p
2. John W          37p
3. Peter G          33p
4. Kevin              32p
5. Sune               31p
Token for the driving range: Heinz