Marianne & Sune

Here are the results from yesterday´s Tuesdag Golf. We were 28 players and we all enjoyed the lovely Almerimar sun and no wind and we also managed to play all 18 holes on Master Course for once... Fantastic results for the men and you needed 36 Points to be in the prizes
Next week we will play Wednesday Golf on Wednesday March 9 and again we will play on the Master Course starting 09.54. The list will be up later today and you are all welcome!!

Read More for the results.

1. Marianne L      33 p
2. Uli                    32 p
3. Uschi               30 p
4. Marie-Anne P  27 p
Money-back-guarantee: Cristina
1. Sune             40 p
2. Dario            39 p
3. Klaus            39 p
4. Dan               37 p
5. Paul M          37 p
6. John W         36 p
7. Marco           36 p