Marianne & Sune

We had a windy last Tuesday Golf for the season, but the sun was shining and the winds were warm EmojiEmoji

We were 24 players and we all enjoyed the ham/cheese/tomato salad tapas for a change at the club house.
We wish to thank all the Tuesday Golf players for a great season. We arranged 27 competitions and you all played totally 661 roundsEmojiEmojiEmoji

As you all probably know we will be playing WEDNESDAY Golf (on general request) next season, starting beginning of October and we look forward to seeing you all then!

Read More for the results.

1. Michelle        33 p
2. Joan               32 p
3. Carmen         29 p
Money-back-guarantee: Lisa
1. Mick Mo        38 p
2. Christian        36 p
3. Dario              34 p
4. Mel                 32 p
5. Jose Rogelio  31 p
Token for the driving range: John Flynn