Marianne & Sune

Summer is here and we had a lovely day in the sunshine and no wind. Temperature around 25 degrees... Good number of players took part but many of our regular players are later this week going back to their countries for the summer. Our thoughts were with Herbert, our good friend who left us so sadly. And our thoughts also went to Mimi and Stephan and Christoph who so tragically lost husband and father. We miss you Herbert!!!

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1. Uli                   38 p
2. Marianne L      36 p
3. Marilena          31 p
4. Marie-Anne P   30 p
Money-back-guarantee: Lisa Q

1. Paul W                38 p
2. David H               37 p
3. Sune                   35 p
4. John Wo             34 p
Money-back-guarantee: Jerry
Kind regards,
Marianne and Sune