The article here on the website has the details of where UD Almería hope to build their new "Sports City".

They are looking at the El Toyo area. This is the area close to the Alborán golf course.

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Almería seeks a new location for the Sports City

The Almeria entity renounces the land concession signed by Alfonso García. El Toyo is one of the most liked places in the club.

The Almería City Council has accepted the resignation of Almería has accepted the UDA's resignation to the concession of land to the south of the Almería Swimming Club signed by Alfonso García before the landing of Turki Al-Sheikh. The new directive of the rojiblanco club has renounced this transfer of land pending a new concession for a larger area that "allows them to develop the ambitious sports project they want to do in the city," according to the council itself.

The remodeling of the Mediterranean Games Stadium and the construction of a sports city were two of the fundamental projects for the Saudi property, which has run into the slow Spanish administrative process. The works in the Mediterranean already began last August, but the search for land continues with regard to the sports city. According to 'Diario de Almería', the Indálica entity likes the urbanization of El Toyo, where "the council has contemplated in its sports facilities master plan a complex with an Olympic pool, among other endowments." The UDA is looking for a space to build three football fields (one with natural grass), as well as another for 7-a-side football and a futsal court, as well as six paddle tennis courts and a building that includes changing rooms.

As reported by 'Diario de Almería', the plot that the UDA has renounced, located in the area of ​​Jaúl Bajo, next to the Andarax Park and the Almería Swimming Club, went to public concession in 2014, having 38,832 square meters and granted to the rojiblanco club for a period of 50 years. "In June 2018, the maximum period of four years that Almería had to present the execution project expired, a step that was never taken to make this investment of more than three million euros a reality (not including maintenance costs valued at about 120,000 euros per year) ", exposes the Almeria publication.