The UD Almería stadium is becoming a stadium without a name. As you can see in the photo above.

The article here on the Voz de Almería site has details. Plus it has a link to the video here on YouTube of the old sign being removed.

The new name of the stadium will be known next season. As it is likely to be part of a sponsorship deal from a Saudi Arabian company.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

The name of the new Stadium

The Vega de Acá site lives a historic day after 17 years

A historic day at the Vega de Acá sports venue after 17 years. The giant sign of the Mediterranean Games Stadium has disappeared in a few hours after so many years, so many seasons presiding over the roundabout in the South End of the Mediterranean Games Stadium.

The workers of the company AJCC Construcciones, with great care, have been removing the letters three by three until they all came down and the Vega de Acá sports venue remained orphaned, as if without a name. The Mediterranean Games Stadium will be history next season because the new name will come from Saudi Arabia, since the new name of the stadium will be that of a sponsor.

The remodeling of the stadium is going at a spectacular pace and the fans see how every day there is something new in a venue that will be spectacular next season. Turki Al-Sheikh promised a five-star stadium for Almería and it will be a reality. The president of Almería is serious and wants the best for Almería.