Yesterday we took 4 friends up to El Ejido for lunch at the indoor market. That is why the daily coronavirus article for yesterday was only published this morning.

While at the lunch, one of our friends, Keith D mentioned that the last time he saw UD Almería play it was years ago in a different stadium.

The funny thing is that the article here on the La Voz de Almería site was published this morning.for details.

All fans of...

Almería plays in the...

If the name of the La Falange Stadium was lost for the rest of life. If we forget about Antonio Franco Navarro (that brave man who built the first and only pitch in Almería), the same will happen with the name of the Estadio de los Juegos del Mediterráneos.

Football has no memory and money marks the times. With the renovation works underway. With the blue seats painted red and the works progressing through the venue, there is no other choice but to accept the name change. I feel sorry for Juan Megino and Luis Rogelio.

Only the president of Almería, Turki, knows what the new Almería field will be called. Better that it be the club that baptizes it as the politicians used to. What difference does it make. The really important thing is to have a cool field and money.

The phalanx

When I was four years old, my father used to take me to the La Falange Stadium through those vacant lots between the train station and Ciudad Jardín. In this field I saw the first Almería, at least three because they did not last long.

At the La Falange Stadium I sang my first goals for Santiago Errazquin's Almería scored by Rojas, Goros, Bartolo, Mirlo, Cayuela, Belmonte...

Franco Navarro/Municipal/Juan Rojas

I saw this field be born and grow. It came to us on the back of the tickets for the 1973-74 season where La Casera's advertising used to go.

The idea came from Ángel Martínez and he passed it on to Antonio Franco Navarro who gave his life to make it a reality. Many millions were left on the invention and they named it after him.

Then the politicians took it away from them and baptized it as a Municipal field and then when Juan Rojas died they named it after him. And that's what it's called now but. Juan Rojas Rugby Field.

Mediterranean/whatever Turki says

I never thought there would be something after Franco Navarro/Municipal/Juan Rojas but the best Mediterranean Games in history arrived and the Crown Jewel was left to us.

It has lasted us a handful of years because his name is going to disappear from the bad to be called whatever the president of Almería wants. And there is no need to be alarmed about it.

You have to be fashionable and if money comes to the club for the baptism of its installation: what's wrong with that? I promised my grandson that when I retire we will go to the Mediterranean together but at this rate we will go to…

It suits me that they change the name of the Mediterranean because that way when I go to soccer with my grandson I will tell him the story of the fields of Almería.

Although there is a risk that my Dany will tell me: “You look like Grandpa Onion, Abobo”, because my grandson still calls me Abobo.

Only Turki Al-Sheikh knows the name of the Stadium