The article here on the Diario de Almería site has details of the contract for leasing the UD Almería stadium for 25 years.

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The unknown details of the concession of the Mediterranean Games Stadium

The maximum term of execution of the remodeling works is 9 years (2 for Phase I and 7 for II)

Phase I is divided into 4 sub-phases already in execution for a value of 4,902,796 euros and Phase II in turn has 6 sub-phases amounting to 10,282,956 euros

The City Council reserves the right to use it for 30 days a year for its own activities

As of March 29, 2021, the technical architect of the Municipal Sports Board (PMD), Ignacio Martín-Calpena Miranda, who curiously soon joined the UD Almería staff as head of the facilities and infrastructure area, signed the technical project for the public concession for the private use of the Mediterranean Games Stadium.

Months later, on August 9, 2021, the City Council and Club signed the concession document based on the detailed technical project previously prepared, everything being symbolized in the ceremony with fireworks included that the entity organized on September 6 of the same year to reflect that the enclosure passed from public hands to private hands during the next 25 years.

During this time, the media have broadly collected the most important points included in a technical project that consisted of 17 pages. Thus, the rojiblanca fans know that the club is obliged to contribute an annual canon estimated at 139,253 euros and that the announced remodeling works would be undertaken in two phases, but in general the details of a document that is exposed in the profile of the Contractor of the City Council available to any citizen who wants to consult it.

Gutting each page details can be seen such as the valuation of the land where the plot is located is 22,789,892 euros, while the value of what was already built before the transfer of ownership amounts to 21,249,841 euros. The use must be exclusively sports, but there is a complementary use clause (point 9) in which it is stipulated that the concessionaire may install other services up to a maximum of 15% of the surface of the plot.

At the end of the 25-year concession, the City Council will be the owner of all the equipment and works carried out by the successful bidder, including all improvements and renovations to the facilities. Obviously, the municipal entity covers its back well in the technical project by demanding the architectural solution proposed for the building, as well as a descriptive and constructive report of the proposal, indicating the qualities of the materials to be used and the solutions adopted.

Regarding the remodeling works, until now it had not come to light that the club has a maximum period of 9 years to undertake said works, counted from the day after the signing of the agreement. Specifically, the cap for Phase I is set at 2 years and for Phase II at 7 years. In turn, Phase I (budgeted at 4,902,796 euros) is divided into 4 sub-phases and Phase II (valued at 10,282,956 euros) into 6.

Currently, all the works included in Phase I are underway with different degrees of execution, such as the works inside the Stadium on level 0 and the conditioning of new premises for the PMD in the Palace of the Mediterranean Games ( budgeted at 1,247,506 euros), the works on levels 1 and 3 inside the enclosure (1,453,465 euros), those of the façade and roof (2,074,686) and those of the new store and ticket office (127,137). Of all of them, subphase 3 (roof and facade) is perhaps the one that is generating the most controversy among fans, who discuss on social networks the quality of the sheet metal used for the roof and the panels that give it the characteristic red color, although the indoor and outdoor screens and the rest of the performances (more VIP boxes or the FIFA center of excellence in Ripoll and De Prado) seem to have garnered favorable opinions.

Phase II, when promotion to First Division is certified

Mohamed El Assy, CEO of the sports corporation, already made it clear in a conference at the University of Almería that the work of Phase II was subject to the team certifying promotion to First Division. He has his logic because these works are focused on providing the Stadium with a greater capacity and in the Second Division the 15,000 seats available throughout the current course have never been filled (it is difficult to exceed the figure of 10,000). The important thing is that the club has already budgeted the 15,000,000 euros necessary for all the actions and that it can also benefit from the agreement between the LFP and the CVC fund.

Breaking down each of the 6 sub-phases, the first two (with budgets of 1,511,219 and 1,289,857 euros respectively) are focused on demolitions and earthworks. In the third and fourth, the north and south granas (2,209,921) and east and west (2,413,411) will be rehabilitated. In the fifth subphase, the playing field and event rooms are contemplated (2,357,247). They are the highest items because the field will have to be lowered a few meters above the current level, for which the possible difficulties due to the type of terrain and the existence of water currents due to the proximity of the Andarax River have been taken into account, for which the City Council authorizes the pertinent surveys or surveys to be carried out. The sixth and final subphase includes the purchase of furniture (501,299).

The total amount of the works -VAT excluded- amounts to 15,185,753 euros and the UDA is obliged to present an extraordinary guarantee of 50% of the contract budget for each of the phases to be undertaken, which is added to the definitive guarantee of the concession (1,761,589 euros) to cover any eventuality that may arise during the execution of the works.

Another unknown detail to date is that in epigraph n) of section 14.4 'Other Obligations', the City Council reserves the right to use the Stadium for 30 days a year for the development of its own activities, for which it must give one month's notice. in advance and the activities may not interfere with the development of the club's own. In the event of having to use the playing field, there is a commitment to leave it in the same conditions of use.

Section 15 of the concession agreement includes a complete set of infractions, sanctions and even the resolution of the concession depending on whether the offenses are minor, serious or very serious. In addition, the UDA was required to sign a policy in favor of the City Council that insures the investments made and another for civil liability for material, personal and consequential damages caused to third parties during the time of carrying out the activity described in the specifications. of administrative clauses and technical requirements.

Those interested can consult the full concession document at the following link: