UD Almería promotion in 2007

UPDATED - added a link to an article about previous promotions to the first division

Last night both Valladolid and Eibar won. That means that Almería are still top of the table. Now 2 points ahead of Eibar and 4 points ahead of Valladolid.

Our next match is at home to Alcorcon at 21:00 on Saturday 21 May. They are bottom of the table and have already been relegated. Fingers crossed for a good result next Saturday. I think it will be a sell out. With the tickets probably going on sale tomorrow morning.

Updated - While doing a search of articles to publish I found the one here on the Diario de Almería site. We have only ever been promoted to the first division when playing at home. Hopefully that is a good amen for next Saturday.

The Spanish article also has some more photos in it.

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Tradition: Almería always ascends to Primera at home

The Almería Sports Association did it in the Franco Navarro in the 1978-79 season, while the Sports Union went up in the Mediterranean in 2006-07 and 2012-13

The last promotion away from home was in 2002-03, in Pasarón, to the Second Division

The subsidiary also wants his party

Until now, football has wanted Almería to go up to the First Division of Spanish football before its public. And it seems that fate is going to make this a tradition. At eight in the afternoon last Saturday the possibility of uploading on a deferred basis disappeared, that is, with punctures from Valladolid and Eibar, but in exchange the possibility of doing so next Saturday against Alcorcón in a Stadium of the Games of the Mediterranean that will be bursting. How it was in May 2007. How it was in June 2013. How Franco Navarro was in June 1979.

The three previous promotions to the highest category were at home, between the spring and the hot summer of Almeria. The first took place in June 1979. It was on June 10 before a crowded 'Franco Navarro' from two hours before the start of the game, to the AD. It was enough for Almería to win against a Castellón that had nothing at stake to achieve what no one suspected nine months before: promotion to the First Division.

Almeria was a party. Traffic was even cut off along the Paseo so that the Peña Los Churros could parade with its musical paraphernalia Paseo Arriba and Paseo Baja. At five o'clock in the afternoon, the whole town went up to the field after them. 23,000 people were packed into a field with a capacity of 14,500 spectators. Those who were there remember it as if it were last week. It was just a few minutes before seven in the evening, when both teams took the field in two rows, with the good referee Ramos Marcos (who was also promoted that year) in the middle. The field collapsed. The historic Maguregui alignment was: César; Paniagua, Piñero, Óscar López, Maxi; Garay, Jeromo, Martinez; Rojas, Rolón and Rozas (Covers 60 '). The goals by Jeromo (24' this time it was not from a penalty), Rojas (31') and Rolón (61') made it 3-0 in the well-remembered scoring score. That was the apotheosis.
The following, in the Mediterranean

After the declines, administrative declines, creations, mergers and other ups and downs in the history of Almeria football, it was the turn of the Unión Deportiva Almería. It was the golden age of Alfonso García, who had taken over the club a few years earlier. 2006-07 season, Unai Emery as coach makes up a good squad, not the best in the category, but players who want to take on the world. Despite starting badly, the team gets on top. There is no one to erase the dream from his head. May arrives and Almería has the opportunity to go up in Lorca, practically relegated, but surprisingly loses in Artés Carrasco by 3-1. Missed opportunity or desire to celebrate the return to First Division at home? Possibly the second option.

It was a Saturday May 19. The sun was shining, which did not prevent the fans from preferring the stands to the waters of the Mediterranean. The stadium still did not have the stands or the supplementary funds, they were the construction ones with the pits that had been installed for 2005. There was not a pin in the seats and the team was grateful for that when Ponferradina gave the first scare with Rubén's goal Vega as soon as you start. But Ortiz, Uche and Corona turned the light around and put the final 3-1 that unleashed the party, the first at the UDA. To remember, that Emery lineup: Westerveld, Bruno (De Palmas, 67'), Mané, Acasiete, Carlos García, Ortiz, Cisma, Cabrera (Corona, 55'), Soriano, Uche and Míchel (Bermejo, 61').

And the last great rise came in June 2013. We had to wait until the 22nd of that month, with the city already preparing the bonfires of San Juan. The direct ascent had escaped in Villarreal, where Almería was better and was able to achieve it. In the end it was time to play the playoffs, where in the first and hard-fought tie they beat Las Palmas (1-1 and 3-1 in the second leg) and in the second they had won 0-1 in Montilivi, with Esteban stopping a penalty in the final straight to Felipe Sanchón.

Only six years had passed since the previous promotion to First Division, but the Mediterranean had been revamped (as it will happen again this year). There were extra stands in the grandstand and preference, while the funds had been approached. That meant that the 15,000 spectators that populated the Vega de Acá venue could jump onto the pitch to celebrate the 3-0, with goals from Aleix and a brace from Charles, and the return to the top flight. Historic were the last minutes, with people standing on the very edge of the grass, as in the stadiums of the twenties. At the final whistle, the rojiblanco tsunami engulfed Esteban, Gunino, Christian, Trujillo, Pellerano, Corona (Rubén, 84'), Verza, Soriano (Mejías, 80'), Iago (Carlos Calvo, 76'), Aleix and Charles.

Away from home, in Pasarón

The first and only ascent of the UDA that has been experienced far from the Mediterranean was in Pasarón. Almería entered the Professional Football League for the first time with its newly founded acronym in a playoff in which it beat Madrid B, Espanyol B and Pontevedra. In the latter's field he had to win and he did it by 1-2 with several dozen fans in the ancient Galician stands.

Casuco lined up Barbero, Armindo, Cervián, Olivares, Manu (Larrosa, 49'), Ramos (Pía, 79'), Esteban, Ortiz, Óscar (66'), Francisco and Raúl on the afternoon of June 29. The goals by Olivares and Francisco were celebrated on the screens in the Plaza Vieja and the party moved to the Puerta Purchena, the historic site of celebrations, which later moved to the Plaza de las Velas, where Almería hopes to be next Saturday.