CORRECTED 23/05/2022  - There is a circumstance where a draw for us will lead to Almería being 3rd in the league and thus being in the playoffs.

Last night UD Almería had the promotion celebration all organised. Then did not turn up for the match.

It is probably the saddest match I have attended in my life. That says a lot with me being a Boro supporter.

Alcorcón were in the match throughout. They had just about as many chances as us to score. Then got the first goal late in the match.

Throughout the game we missed more chances than shown in the highlights referenced below. However we did manage to get an equaliser in injury time.

Everything now hinges on the matches next Sunday night. If we get at least a draw away at Leganes we are assured of promotion. If we lose then we have to hope that Valladolid draw or lose at home to Huesca.

The situation in the final games is somewhat complicated.

If we win our last match away at Leganes we are guaranteed promotion. In first or second place. Depending on other results.

If we draw our match at Leganes we may finish first, second or third in the league. Depending on other results.

The only way that a draw will not be good enough for us to be promoted is if Eibar draw their match and Vallodolid win their match. That would leave all 3 teams on 81 points. In this situation Eibar would finish top as they have the best record in head to head matches against Almería and Valladolid. Valladolid would be second as their record against Eibar is better than ours.

In all other circumstances a draw would be good enough for us to be promoted in first or second place. Depending on the other results.

If we lose we have to hope that Valladolid draw or lose their match. In that situation we would be promoted in second place behind Eibar.

Otherwise it is the dreaded playoffs for the third time in three seasons.

You can see highlights of the match last night here on the eldesmarque website.