UD ALmería promoted

Well, what a day it was yesterday.

I now love ALCORCON!

I woke up yesterday morning with a nervous stomach. I followed my ritual of not drinking out of my Almería mugs on the day of the match. Then we went down to tee off in the Match Quality golf competition at 09:00.

The day started well with Jacqui winning the ladies category of the competition. The less I say about my golf the better.

After the golf we went for a late lunch at Mamma Mia. Jacqui tried out the meat lasagne for the first time there. We also tried a special vegetable lasagne that Marco had made. Both were delicious.

The final UD Almería game of the season was an away match at Leganes at 20:00. On the evening, after a tiring day, we were watching telly with my laptop on the table in front of us. Following the scores of the UD Almería match, the Eibar match and the Valladolid match. Plus a 4th window with the league table in real time.

Part way through the matches Almería were drawing 2 - 2. Valladolid were winning and Eibar were drawing 0-0 at Alcorcon. This was the perfect storm I was worried about. As this combination of results would put all 3 teams on 81 points. In this circumstance Almería were 3rd in the league and in the play offs. As the rules of tied league positions are based on the performances of the teams that have the same points playing against each other.

On this basis, Eibar would finish top as they had the best record against the other 2 teams. Valladolid would finish second as they had a better record aginst Eibar than Almería

At this point both Jacqui and I fell asleep on the sofa. I guess due to a long day including the consumption of some alcohol.

We did not wake up again until around 23:00. An hour after the matches were finished. I then found out that Alcorcon had scored against Eibar in injury time to win 1 - 0. Valladolid had won 3 - 0, we had drawn 2 - 2.

With these results Almería and Valladolid tied on 81 points. Both teams were promoted. Eibar were in 3rd place (and in the play offs) with 80 points. Almería had a better record playing against Valladolid so not only were we promoted, we were promoted as champions of La Liga 2.

My celebratory playing of We Are The Champions very loudly had to wait until this morning.

You can see some highlights of the Almería match here on the eldesmarque site.

I am a happy bunny! Although a bit sad we did not do it last weekend. As we would have been celebrating a bit like in the photo above. From the centre of Almería last night.

One good thing is that I can now use one of my Almería mugs every day over the summer. As we have no matches.

If you are wondering why we did not win against Alcorcon the week before.... the problem was Jacqui made some tea that day. She did not know about my superstition. So she made it in my Almería mug. So it was all my fault for drinking from it on a match day.