UD ALmería season ticket prices 2022/23

First the good news. Unlike some other clubs the 2022/23  UD Almería season tickets cover all 19 home games in La Liga. Some clubs do not include Real Madrid and Barcelona home games. Then charge a lot of money for season ticket holders to buy tickets for these matches.

Plus any home cup games. Plus access to home games for the reserves and the ladies team. Plus access to a music event to be staged on 30 July 2022 to celebrate the first stage of the refurbishment of the stadium.

Now the not so good news..... Wherever you are sitting in the stadium the season ticket price has increased by well over 100%.

The article here on the Diario de Almería site has the details.

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Almería season tickets cost more than double what they did last year

The rojiblanco club launches the subscription campaign, increasing the cost by 246.55% compared to the previous year. There are no discounts for supporters club members, Grada Joven remains in place and new registrations must wait

After an internal debate on the prices within Almería itself, which has caused the season ticket campaign not to be launched until July (Girona took them out earlier despite being promoted three weeks later), the rojiblanca entity announced this Saturday , at 12:00 noon, the cost of the different cards to see the Almeria team on its return to the First Division seven years later. The prices will be worth more than double that of last season despite the fact that the club from Indál had assured that the increase would not be high with the aim of settling the social mass after one of the campaigns in which it has been most noticeable.

The price has led to general discontent among the followers, who have already shown their discomfort, even assuring some that they will not renew. Of course, finally there will be no discounts for supporters clubs after the UDA tested its fans with statements by the general director, Mohamed El Assy, in this regard.

Other doubts lay in whether the same categories were going to be maintained, as it has finally been. In this way, young people between the ages of 13 and 24 (last year the cap was 25), the unemployed and pensioners, included in the 'special' category, will have to pay a price for their subscription that is different from that of an adult, as well as children up to 12 years, if applicable, less than the special. In addition, in principle, the Young Tier will remain in the same location as in the recently concluded exercise, without moving to the north, a measure on which the Deputy Secretary General and Director of Operations, Mostafa Yilmaz, has been working in recent weeks.
price increase

The prices do not triple in the renewals, costing 300 euros in both funds, 450 in preference and 850 in the grandstand, for the 112.50, 187.50 and 393.75, respectively, of last year. Thus, the increase has been 266.66% (funds), 257.14% (preference) and 215.87% (tribune). The average price of renewals for adults is 533.33 euros, compared to the 638 average for the First Division. The one from Almería is cheaper than clubs like Cádiz (707.5), Betis (785) or Espanyol (800), but also more expensive than others like Getafe (292.5), Elche (320) or Osasuna (450). ).

Young people from 13 to 24 years old, unemployed and pensioners will have to pay 210, 320 and 560 euros, in funds, preference and grandstand, respectively, while the prices of the child ticket (up to twelve years old) is 70, 99 and 180 euros . There will also continue to be a discount for families both in renewals and in new registrations: from three members of the same family unit, having to present the corresponding family book. The price of the tickets has not been announced, since it will be different, depending on the rival entity. The card, which includes an image of the Alcazaba de Almería, includes the 19 league games (there will be no club days), the matches of the Copa del Rey, all the matches of the lower categories and the women's category, a red and white scarf for the 22-23 season, a welcome letter from Turki Al-Sheikh, as well as an exclusive ticket to the opening concert of the Stadium . The last one will be held on the night of July 30 on the occasion of the end of the works of phase 1. Intended only for subscribers, there will be musical performances with artists of recognized prestige.
How to renew the subscription

Subscribers will be able to renew from next Monday, at 12:00 p.m., electronically; or in person at the new Power House Stadium box office starting Tuesday. In the latter case, the timetable will be from 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., without closing the ticket offices at noon for the first time, thus meeting the demand of many fans, in another success of the club. In case of acquiring it at the ticket offices, the followers must bring both their season ticket for the 21-22 financial year and their DNI. Those who get the card online, will be able to obtain the subscription either physically or in format with a QR code on their mobile phone, something also new.

Almería has already warned that those subscribers who do not renew within the established period will lose their subscriber status, both for the price and for their seat. The dates for renewals (via face-to-face and telematics) will end on July 22, at 8:00 p.m., setting aside the 25th for changes of location of those who have previously renewed.

Season ticket holders can get their card on the season ticket website. With a new system that the UDA has implemented, they will have to complete what is requested. As the club itself indicates, it is essential to provide the DNI number with letter, date of birth and the identification code that appears in the upper left part of the subscription of the previous campaign; in this case without the letter. Renewal will only be allowed in the same seat as last season, and the same person may process several subscriptions, always with the data mentioned above. To do this, the system will give the option to 'add subscription' to renew another.
The new registrations will avoid unnecessary queues

Due to the high demand and to avoid unnecessary queues, the red and white entity, in another success and novelty of the campaign, has decided that new registrations have to make a prior reservation on the season ticket website, something also new. The period for this will be from July 5 (12:00) to July 18 (10:00). After that, Almería will communicate by email to each interested party if they can issue the card or not depending on the availability that exists after the renewals.

Prices for new registrations range from 375 euros in the fund to 1,000 in the grandstand, going through 550 preferably. The specials, meanwhile, will cost 245, 355 and 650 euros, in funds, preference and grandstand, respectively; while children who obtain the new card must pay 90, 125 or 210. Almería informs that any questions that fans have will be answered at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..