Today is the day that I will see my first ever La Liga match live. UD Almería at home to Real Madrid at 22:00 tonight.

This season we had to register a number of players who played regularly in the first team but were down as B team players. To reduce the wage bill for Financial Fair Play reasons last season.

We have now registered some but not all of our new signings. Plus we have allocated two of our new signings to the B team to reduce the wage bill this season.

The bad news is that, as yet, Almería has not registered 5 players who have been transferred to us. Including Pozo (right back, right wing back or right winger) who was on loan to us last season. He had a compulsory purchase clause in the case of us being promoted. Plus Pacheco (keeper) , Mendes (right back), Baptistao (right winger or centre forward) and Milovanovic (centre forward).

There are 2 players registered with us that we are hoping to sell soon, Sadiq (centre forward) and Ramazani (right wing). They have not played in all of the pre-season games. To avoid them getting an injury that might stop them being sold. With these two the manager has said he will be allowed to select them for tonight. I hope they do not get injured.

So we will be playing Real Madrid with an incomplete squad of players. This makes for a difficult start to our season.

The article here on the site summarises the situation about our player registrations. The only update to this story from two days ago is that yesterday we registered Dyego. A 32 year old centre forward who was on loan to us last season. For most of last season he seemed only able to play about half of a match at a time. He did a pretty good job for us last season.

You can see the list of player registrations (including a number of recent ones for Barcelona) here on the La Liga site.

Read More for a Google translation of the article from 2 days ago.

Almería still has five unregistered players

The rojiblancos have formalized the paperwork today with Fouli, Kaiky and Babic. Rubi still won't know if he can count on Pozo, Pacheco, Mendes, Baptistao and Milovanovic, without registering in LaLiga

Rubi assured in the press conference prior to the match against Real Madrid that Sadiq and Ramazani will play, with numerous suitors on the market. However, the Almería coach pointed out that he did not know if he could count on the players who are not yet registered in LaLiga. The rojiblanco club did the same today with Fouli, Kaiky and Babic, but they still have to register up to half a dozen players, specifically, Pacheco, Pozo, Mendes, Baptistao and Milovanovic.

The Sevillian winger was on loan from Sevilla last year, with Almería executing the mandatory purchase option for promotion. The same movement was made by Babic, in his case, from Red Star, but the Bosnian Serb central defender has been registered today, as has Fouli, who comes up from the subsidiary, and Kaiky. The last one, for which Almería paid seven million euros to Santos in the largest transfer in the current market, is the only one of the eight signings registered with the first team.

Svidersky, Guedes and Sola have a subsidiary file, so they can also play against the European champion (with the exception of the left back, who has gone on loan to Murcia). The other four incorporations, in the case of Pacheco, Mendes, Baptistao (also waiting for the transfer) and Milovanovic are the ones who are waiting, in addition to the aforementioned Pozo. From the offices of the Vega de Acá, it is expected that their files will arrive before Sunday and may be available to Rubi.

In another scenario are Samu, Puigmal, Ramazani and Appiah, who last year had a record with the 'B' to balance the salary limit. All four already have this first team number this season: '23' for the Portuguese, '18' for the Catalan, '7' for the Belgian and '14' for the Dutchman. Although the numbers have not yet been published by the club, they can be consulted in LaLiga, keeping the rest the same as last year.