Snow On Mountains - 24 Oct 19

One of the benefits of the recent bad weather is that the snow is back on the mountains. Jacqui took this picture from the golf course this morning.

We had a strange liquid pouring from the sky overnight. It was also pretty windy as well.

I am in jeans, a long sleeved shirt and a jumper.

I guess our extended summer is now and truly over.

Autumn Mist - 28 Sep 19

We were up early this morning as we are playing in a golf competition in Almerimar. As you can see the autumn mist season has started now. I hope it clears in the next hour or so. So we can start the competition on time.

Mist - 17 July 19

Yesterday morning we were up reasonably early for us as we were playing a fun round of golf with friends at Playa Serena. This was the sight that greeted me when I looked out over our terrace. As you can see it was a bit misty.

As we made our way to Playa Serena through the greenhouses the mist lifted. However I understand that it lingered in Almerimar. As one of the people playing with us received a photo from his wife sometime around 11am showing the mist was still in Almerimar.

The article here on the La Voz de Almería has details of the impact of the upcoming heatwave on the province of Almería.

It looks like it will be hot but not as hot as some other parts of Spain.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

The article here on the Olive Press site says that Spanish summer temperatures are due to rise from next week. Also, the temperature this summer is likely to be at least half a degree higher than average.

Apologies for not posting anything here recently. I have been very busy with lots of stuff going on.

Looking at the weather forecast for here today we are looking at almost gale force winds. It says they will reach 14 m/s. Which is just over 50 kph.

Great for the windsurfers but not so good for the golfers.

Frost - 13 Jan19

Frost - 13 Jan 19

The photos above are the strange sight we saw yesterday morning at around 08:30. The top photo is the 10th fairway. The bottom photo is near the 9th green. As you can see the golf course was covered in frost.

The frost burned off quite quickly as the sun got higher in the sky. We then had a lovely bright morning. However it got cold again towards the end of our round. Early in the afternoon the breeze got stronger and it was a very cold breeze.

So I recommend that you bring some cold weather clothes if you are visiting Almerimar soon.

I think there will be a lot of fleeces and puffa jackets on show here today. The maximum temperature is only expected to be 16 degrees with a minimum of 12 degrees.

At least the sun should be out.

Golf course mist - 11 December 2018

I have been very busy the last day or two. So I have not had the opportunity to post much here.

I took the photo above at around 08:30 on Tuesday morning (11 December 2018). Before we played in an Xmas golf competition. This is a photo from Red tee 1 which is just in front of the clubhouse.

Thank goodness the mist was not as bad as the day before.

Today the weather is pretty bad. Very windy with the likelihood of rain throughout the day.

Almerimar morning mist 10 Dec 18

If I am not playing golf it is very unusual for me to be out of bed early in the morning. However this morning I was wide awake not long after 8am. This was the view from our terrace at around 8:15am.

In the 1980s Chris Rea wrote the song Windy Town about my home town of Middlesbrough. At the moment it feels like the title of the song is suitable for Almerimar. No wonder the world champion windsurfer comes from here.

This autumn has been a pretty poor one here for weather. It feels like if it has not been raining it has been windy.

We were due to play golf with friends today and have decided to cancel due to the windy weather.

I really hope we get rid of this wet and windy weather soon.

Almerimar Rain Radar

Given the recent weather I thought I would share a link to my preferred site for looking at Almerimar rain radar. I have added a link to it on the main menu.