The article here on the Ideal site has details of the recent rain levels in the province. Almería city has had the highest daily August rainfall in around 50 years.

It was very wet here as well. However it is sunny today thank goodness.

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The capital records the rainiest day of a month August of the last fifty years

Almería beats its accumulated rainfall record by adding 26.6 liters per square meter compared to 5.2 posted in 2013

Talking about torrential rains in the province of Almeria is generally synonymous with chaos. However, the Isolated High Level Depression (DANA), popularly known as 'cold drop', which arrived last Monday in the province of Almeria returned yesterday to abundant rains in almost all of Almeria, although this time Classic incidences due to damages were reduced to the minimum expression despite the almost 24 hours of moderate rainfall registered mainly in the capital and in the regions of the Almanzora, Poniente and Levante Valley.

However, rainfall in the form of a storm, which kept until 20.00 hours last Wednesday to the province in orange alert, have left a balance of record. This is revealed by the historical series of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) obtained at the station installed at the airport of Almeria in 1968, which shows that last Tuesday was the rainiest day of August.

Specifically, the meteorological station installed in the airfield of El Alquián beat this same day, waiting for the data that it gives of the last 24 hours, its record of rain accumulated in one day of August since data exist, in 1967, Adding 26.6 l / m2 compared to the previous record of 5.2 l / m2 in 2013, that is, three times the rainfall registered during the period four years ago.

The great accumulation of precipitation was also evident in the region of the Levant, where in towns such as Huércal-Overa they reached over 30 liters per square meter. It was in this region where the majority of incidents were recorded during Wednesday's session. Thus, AL-7107 roads, through Cuevas del Almanzora, and A-332, in Pulpí, suffered traffic cuts due to small avalanches of water and mud.

On the other hand, the road A-1100 registered a hillside detachment, as it passed through the municipal district of Cóbdar, while the Avenida de Barcelona, ​​in Vera, recorded several floods during the morning.

In the rest of the province the incidences barely exceeded ten. In the capital, some areas such as Manuel Fraga Square or Paseo Marítimo suffered floods, while some streets reported small traffic jams at peak times.

Wednesday's rains did not cause major incidents in the municipality of Roquetas de Mar, where traffic was flowing almost everywhere in the city and the 112 Emergency Service did not report any relevant action due to rainfall.

Paradoxically, where more problems occurred was the area that depends more on its image, that is, the urbanizations of Roquetas and Playa Serena, where yesterday saw the usual images of sections cut, flooded parking and avenues with huge accumulations of Water that some vehicles feared to cross. Problems already commonplace for decades in points such as the Avenida de Playa Serena or the existing car parks in Calle Diagonal between Playa Capricho and Neptuno hotels, which yesterday attracted the attention of numerous tourists willing to record or photograph, mobile in hand, the Passage of vehicles for the most spectacular points.

Another problematic point already common remains Sabinar Avenue, at the height of the central Playa Hotels, place last Tuesday afternoon was cut in the direction of Roquetas to avoid the usual scenes of cars caught in the large raft of water that is Form at this point and that the storm tank that is running expects to solve. As is known, this storm raft had to be paralyzed to modify the project and currently awaits permits for its connection to the spillways, accumulating a delay of more than a year, reports Julio Valdivia.

In the case of the municipalities of El Ejido and Adra, the rains did not cause incidents either. In the case of the locality Abderitana, the day passed without hardly incidents because of the rains. Rainfall occurred in the form of moderate showers without causing problems to its neighbors, although water flooded some roads such as Trafalgar Avenue, reports Maria Torres.

In El Ejido rain did not stop practically all day, although it was especially strong around noon, where, as usual, the streets of Ejido Centro and El Ejido Boulevard once again flooded. Nevertheless, from the Park of Firemen of the West confirmed to IDEAL that they did not register exits because of the heavy rains. In the coastal communities as Almerimar and Balerma the passage of time left a stamp of empty beaches by residents and tourists, who practically lead since Monday unable to enjoy the sun in these last days of August, reports Elizabeth de la Cruz.

In the Almanzora Valley, rainfall did not cause more damage than those caused by this type of rain, constant thin and with little force, except for some moments where the drops fell more intensely, drowning some streets and parks. Regarding the days before we must highlight the fallen during Sunday many municipalities in the region as Oria, Albox or Seron, where there were minor landslides and downed some trees, as the case of a fall in Armuña de Almanzora hail, Eloisa Benítez reports.