Bad Weather Coming - Late Feb 18

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The rain returns to the province at the end of February and will receive March

The highest rainfall is expected in the western zone

It ends February and begins frame and in that transit the guide will arrive again at the province of Almeria and this time, if the conditions gathered in the forecasts are maintained, of form remarkably more abundant than in previous episodes.

Meteorological agencies from all over the world, consulted by the Almerian climate analysts integrated in Cazatormentas, foresee the arrival of a very cold Siberian air mass that will affect only the northern third of the peninsula, which will re-establish the circulation of the west, but with the storms circulating very to the south, with what Almería will be affected in the next week or ten days.

Western zone
With this scenario, the areas most benefited by the rains will be the Poniente and the rest of the regions near the province of Granada. Where less water will fall, despite being the area most in need, will be in the Levant.

According to Eduardo Romay, of Cazatormentas, it is difficult to know how much it is going to rain and when the fronts are going to pass, but what seems certain is that for a few days the province will cross more or less active fronts. In view of the maps of two solvent models such as the American and the European (see graph), the accumulated rainfall forecast for the next ten days is observed.

In some areas the rains will be of great consideration, with the risk of flooding included. In the case of Almería, there may be several areas where 100 liters per square meter are exceeded in this period, especially in the area of ​​La Alpujarra. In the western third of the province and the west in general will exceed 50 liters per square meter, while in the Levant will be between 10 and 20 liters m2.

First front
The first of these planned fronts will reach the province on Tuesday, and the next will do on Thursday and Friday, to continue then for several more days, although for now you can not say exactly when they will be present.

It will be necessary to pay attention to the winds, which will blow with intensity of the west coinciding with the cloud fronts. Snow will also be present and abundantly, although at a high altitude, above 2,000 meters according to forecasts. This is so because the temperatures, very low in most of the center and north of the country because of the Siberian air mass, will not reach Almeria and will be quite temperate.

The extremes
The displacement of the storms from west to east will condition both the climate and the volume of rainfall that will be collected in the coming days in the province. In any case the water will reach the province and it is expected that they can leave the highest records of the last year. as long as there are no abrupt changes in the circulation of the storms.

The European and American meteorological agencies coincide in pointing out the area of ​​Las Alpujarras as those that present the greatest possibilities of collecting important quantities that could even exceed 200 liters per square meter. In some of the tables, such as that of the American GFS, it is even suggested that the accumulated rain in the next ten days could reach 400 liters.

The fronts will arrive very debilitated to the east and will leave much less rain, it is estimated that between ten and twenty liters per square meter, according to the zones.