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Almeria increases its temperature by almost two degrees during the last half century


In 1970, the average temperature of Almería was 17.96 degrees, the figure has increased to 19.69 today

In 1970, the average temperature of Almeria was 17.96 degrees, the figure has increased to 19.69 that occur today. If the current trend continues and mitigation actions are not implemented, Almeria will have gained four annual mean temperature degrees in 2050 compared to 50 years ago.

It is a data yet to be illuminated; But what is clear and sure is that in the last half century, the average temperature in Almeria has increased by almost 1.80 degrees Celsius according to the study carried out by the Observatory of Sustainability. And that supposes the greater rise of temperature in a so short space that has registered Almería. There are no precedents.

All point to climate change, caused by the hand and interests of man. And it is not Almería a province that must diminish importance to these figures.

35% of the surface of the province is at risk of being a victim of desertification (of its advance). Specifically, this percentage is distributed between 3% of the province surface that presents a "very high" risk, 15% with "high" chances of being affected by the erosion progress in its soils and 17% that has a "moderate" risk.

Almería is a pioneer province in trying to cope with climate change. He is doing it through different fronts; Life Adaptamed, for example, which works in soil protection, regulation of water resources, climate regulation, prevention of desertification, maintenance of fundamental ecological functions to favor the self-organization of ecosystems. Sierra Nevada and Cabo de Gata are its fields of action.

We also work with the AlVelAl association, which aims to mobilize local society to convey the vision that a self-sufficient, dignified, full of life and prosperity is possible. For this reason we are working on the restoration of agricultural farms with degraded or eroded soils, using various regenerative techniques with positive and proven results.

In this sense, AlVelAl organizes training workshops guaranteeing the transmission of open and solidary knowledge. At the same time, we provide technical support to farmers interested in improving their organic production.

In the same way, they support the recovery and expansion of protected areas in watersheds and we bet on the restoration of biological corridors to promote the conservation of biodiversity. In another area, we promote marketing plans for local products with great differentiated quality, above all we want to help all those initiatives that defend the recovery of the landscape, culture and economy of our territory.