The article here on the La Voz de Almería has details of the impact of the upcoming heatwave on the province of Almería.

It looks like it will be hot but not as hot as some other parts of Spain.

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Heat of the Sahara for the first hot flashes of summer

Almeria will suffer less than the rest of the country, but will approach the 40th

The first big wave of heat that arrives this summer to the whole country will treat the province of Almeria with a certain softness, where only the inhabitants of the capital and nuclei such as La Cañada, El Alquián or Huércal will suffer the rigors of the heat due to the presence of east winds.

Meteorologists announce that this first wave of very high temperatures will cause the thermometers to rise above forty degrees, but a more localized forecast, elaborated by Eduardo Romay, from the association of climate analysts Almerienses 'Cazatormentas' determines that only the capital and the environment enter into that forecast, and not in an accentuated way.

Air of the Sahara

The 'culprit' of this situation is the Azores anticyclone, which has moved away from its usual position and leaves room for a cold valley to have taken its place, boosting the air of Saharan origin, very warm, with values ​​of up to 30 degrees at an altitude of 1,500 meters, not usual in the province, not even in July and August.

That situation 'would give rise to maximums above 40 degrees,' but we would say because on this occasion the wind regime will oscillate between the northeast and the southeast, which always softens the daytime temperatures throughout the province. " This, Romay explains, is due to two factors: the first one that comes from the vertical of the sea and not from the ground, and that one is cooler than this one.

And the second one is that it is channeled following the great mountainous furrows, arranged from west to east (Chirivel corridor and valleys of Almanzora, Nacimiento or Andarax), not generating terrestrial effects.

African powder

In addition, the presence of African dust in suspension slightly dampens the maximum when braking the insolation. The negative effect is that the calima itself will give rise to torrid nights, since its presence prevents the nocturnal dissipation of the diurnal heat.

With this panorama we can expect maximums that will surpass 36 degrees in the valleys and fields of Dalías and Níjar, while in the rest they will stay around the 34. The minimum will not go down from 20, with up to 25 in the West, Níjar or Taverns

It depends on the wind

If in Spain the heat will be suffocating today, to Almeria will arrive tomorrow Thursday. The intensity will be marked by the wind because if the southeast predominates it will not be excessive, but if the Northeast Sierra Alhamilla prevails, it will cause an earth effect and the capital and its surroundings could reach 40 degrees.

Everything indicates that Monday will send this first episode of heat, although it is possible that the west air pushes a mass of warm air into the Mediterranean and areas such as Albox, Abrucena, Canjáyar or Tabernas could reach that day the forty degrees.