The article here on the La Voz de Almería site has some warnings of bad weather.

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Alert: 100 km / h wind gusts and heavy rains

Recommendations to strong winds and heavy rains

The Directorate General of Civil Protection and Emergencies of the Ministry of Interior, according to the predictions of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), alert for strong winds and heavy rains during the next few days.

Strong winds are expected on land in the Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla during the weekend. On the day this Friday could reach gusts of between 90 and 110 km / h. in Almería, Cádiz, Asturias, Cantabria, and Navarra, while tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, the winds will be maintained with special force in the Mediterranean area, with gusts close to 100 km / h in Almería, Castellón and Tarragona.

In addition, winds on the Spanish coast will also be very intense. Maritime storm is expected in the Cantabrian and in the Mediterranean, with a tendency to slow down on Sunday, which would be reduced to the peninsular northeast.

On the other hand, during the day on Friday, the widespread rains are maintained, which will be especially intense in the southern peninsula. In Cádiz, Granada and Málaga, accumulations of up to 80 l / m2 are expected in 12 hours.


In strong winds

· It is advisable to secure doors, windows and all those objects that can fall on public roads and move away from cornices, trees, walls or buildings under construction or cranes that can come off. Also, it is advisable to refrain from climbing scaffolding without adequate protection measures.

· If you are driving, take precautions, especially when exiting tunnels, overtaking and crossing with heavy vehicles on two-way roads. Pay attention to the possible presence of obstacles on the road.

Before coastal winds

· If you are in maritime areas, try to get away from the beach and other low places that may be affected by the high tides and swells that are usually generated by the intensity of strong winds.

· It is recommended to avoid parking vehicles in areas that may be affected by the waves.

· In these situations, the sea acquires extraordinary conditions and can drag you if it is near the sea.

· Do not put your life at risk before the spectacular images of the strong waves.

In heavy rains

· If you are driving, slow down, exercise caution and do not stop in areas where large amounts of water can flow.

· If you have to travel, try to drive on main roads and highways.

· In case of sudden storms and heavy rains, the place where vehicles are parked must be taken into account. The rapid rise in water levels can damage vehicles parked on flood areas and, in addition, drag them, causing damage to foreign property and even hinder the natural flow of the current.

· If it starts raining torrentially, think that there is a risk of flooding. Do not cross the flooded sections with your vehicle or on foot, because you do not know what may be under the water and locate the highest points in the area. Do not try to save your car in the middle of a flood.

· If you are in the countryside, you have to get away from rivers, torrents and low areas of hillsides and hills, avoiding to cross flooded fords. Likewise, you should go to the highest points in the area.

· However, the difficult prognosis of stormy phenomena suggests keeping informed at all times of the possible evolution of weather changes.