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The expected weather for Almería and province until Saturday August 1

The last week of July begins with a warning for high temperatures in the south, it will continue with a new warning in the north of the province to end the month with values ​​above 40 degrees in some parts of the province.

The weather forecasts for the province of Almería, according to the State Meteorological Agency, Aemet, for the last week of July is very hot. For Monday a yellow alert is activated in the west and the capital due to high temperatures. On Tuesday it will be the Valle del Almanzora and Los Vélez that are in yellow warning. The Births and Tabernas Counties will now reach 37 degrees and in La Alpujarra they will also see thermometers with 35 degrees in the shade.

The yellow warning for high temperatures is set this Monday in Almería capital and the region of Poniente. In the rest of the province a moderate east wind blows while in the south a west wind is blowing. It should be noted that in this area the night temperature will not drop below 26 degrees, two above the known as the sleep barrier.

Aemet activates the warning on Tuesday in the Almanzora Valley and Los Vélez in the central hours of the day. Thermometers are expected to reach 38 degrees Celsius. Wind will continue to blow from the east throughout the province, except in Westeros and the capital, which will continue to blow from the west in a moderate way. Precisely in the capital on Tuesday the temperature will not exceed 32 degrees.

On Wednesday the wind will blow in the south and will blow from the east with the consequent increase in temperatures. Almería capital will reach 37 degrees. On the contrary, in La Alpujarra it will go from touching 37 degrees to 34 degrees. In the north of the province, some degrees will also drop and some clouds of evolution will be seen.

From Thursday the Aemet announces more heat. For Saturday, August 1, the forecasts announce a maximum of 41 degrees in Los Vélez and the Almanzora Valley. In interior areas, a maximum of 39 degrees is also foreseen. Only the southern coast, from Adra to Cabo de Gata, for the last days of the month will remain below 36 degrees.