Cold weather - 22 November 2021

The article here on the La Voz de Almería site has details of some upcoming iffy weather here.

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A DANA is coming: polar cold and snow will arrive from this Monday

Next week a drop in temperatures is expected

These days the meteorological phenomena that are usually common in the fall and that give way to winter weather are repeated. If a couple of weeks ago we had a "shot" of cold, the end of this week has returned instability, another advance that announces that winter "really" is just around the corner.

Conditions have been positioning themselves to form a scenario similar to a DANA (Atmospheric Depression at High Levels). For this, an Azores anticyclone has been observed penetrating in a wedge over France, the persistence of low pressures in the Gulf of Cádiz and the Alboran Sea, a regime of easterly winds and cold air at height, among other factors, according to Eduardo Romay, from the Almeria collective of climate analysts Caztormentas.

This ‘mixture’ of meteorological elements has given rise to showers of some intensity, especially in the northern half of the province, which were especially intense this past Thursday and which in the Levante or the Almanzora Basin were locally intense and stormy.

This instability continued throughout Saturday with weak rains, although locally they can be moderate and irregularly distributed throughout the provincial geography. In some parts of the interior they can become locally strong.

Today, Sunday, the weather will probably be somewhat more stable, although the risk of some precipitation, which, in general, will be weak and isolated, remains.

Bad weather

In the coastal areas, the highlight of this weekend will be the wind, which will blow strongly in the central hours of the day. The maximum temperatures will be, especially today, somewhat lower than those of these days ago, mainly due to the cloudiness that will prevent more insolation.

The minimums will remain at values ​​similar to those of recent days or a little higher also due to the cloudiness, which prevents the nocturnal dissipation of the heat accumulated in the ground in a kind of ‘greenhouse effect’.

As of this Monday, we will have to be attentive to the thermometers because, with the withdrawal of the anticyclone from the Azores towards the North Atlantic, a corridor will be created over Europe through which a mass of cold polar air will begin to descend. According to Romay, that cold will surely last all week.

Although this situation could give rise to a DANA, with the possibility of heavy rains in areas of the north and the Spanish east, Meteored experts consider that there will not be a new ‘Filomena’. Now it will be a temporary situation.

For its part, the AEMET has issued a statement warning of the arrival of DANA from this Monday, November 22, which will bring a very drastic change in temperatures.