The article here on the La Voz de Almería site has details of the recent reduction in temperature in the province of Almería.

It was much cooler playing golf today. Thank goodness.

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After the storm the calm: the temperature drops 10º degrees in Almería in one day

The 'thermal relief' will last throughout the week and also affects seawater

It has been long in coming but finally the long-awaited 'thermal relief' has arrived in Almería. It has been a month and a half of very high temperatures, of maximum records, both during the day and at night, of insomnia and sweat at all hours, but since yesterday the province has returned to thermal 'normality'.

The best proof of the change experienced by the weather is that provided by the thermometers, those that registered this past Saturday the highest temperature ever recorded in Almería, those 42 degrees measured at the airport that only have a precedent, the also 42 that were measured in a month of August of the year 1929 in the station located at that time in the National Seismographic Institute located in the neighborhood of Los Angeles.

ten degrees

Well, in just over 24 hours these records have dropped by ten or more degrees in the capital area, a drop in temperatures that must be attributed both to the change in trend in the wind, which has shifted from east to west, and the advance of an Atlantic trough that carries cold air from the North Atlantic.

This arrival of cooler air has allowed the temperatures recorded in Almería capital and its surroundings to go from more than 42 degrees measured on Saturday to between 28 and 29 degrees yesterday, Monday (although the famous 'thermal island' effect raised to something more than thirty degrees the temperatures in the city).

The nights

Although until yesterday there were no major changes in night temperatures, as of Tuesday morning the temperature drop will also move to the minimum, that is, to night and early morning temperatures.

According to the forecasts handled by Eduardo Romay, from the Almeria group of climate analysts Cazatormentas, the people of Almeria will see the night temperatures loosen; yesterday they were already at 25 degrees late in the morning (still very high), but it is foreseeable that over the next few days they will continue to drop to between 21 and 22 degrees, which will give a substantial respite to the people of Almeria that, finally, they will be able to sleep comfortably.


This Tuesday will mean a new drop in temperatures, both day and night. Tuesday and Wednesday should be, in fact, the two days in which the 'fresh air' that arrives from the Atlantic, driven by air masses from the west, are felt more intensely with temperatures that will be around 30 degrees.

Romay's forecast indicates that this trend should continue throughout the remainder of the week, a change in the weather that will put an end to an episode of high temperatures that can be considered extraordinary not so much because of the intensity of the heat (which is also) but because of the the persistence of the same since it is difficult to find in the historical series so many days in a row with temperature records that have hovered around 40 degrees in the maximum one day and another.

end of episode

With the arrival of the Atlantic trough, which is already making its effects felt in the westernmost part of the country and is beginning to 'touch' the province, the recurring heat waves of this summer have come to an end, at least for now. .

Romay maintains that, obviously, it will still be hot in the near future, "but it will hardly be so many days of very high maximums", among other things because the days are beginning to shorten and because the wind from the west moves the surface waters of the sea and allows them to surface. deeper waters, which have lower temperatures, "and that effect of the sea will now be more noticeable."