The heavens opened at around 4pm today. It started with thunder and lightning, then hail followed by stacks of rain.

So much so that we had to cancel the short mat bowls today as under the stadium in El Ejido was going to be too wet.

Thankfully the weather looks pretty good for the next week or so now. So ok for the golf competitions on Friday and Sunday.

We had our first real downpour of the winter season yesterday. Plus it is overcast at the moment and there is a threat of rain that might impact on Friday golf tomorrow.

I guess there had to be a break in the great weather here eventually.

We had great weather for the Francis House charity golf competition last Friday- However the windy season is now upon us. The Monday golfers are getting blown to bits today.

I woke up this morning to see rain on the terrace for the first time in absolutely ages. It is the first real rain of the autumn season here in Almerimar.

The good news is that although it is cloudy today the weather looks to be ok for the Friday singles matches in the Woodsly Cup men versus ladies golf competition. The ladies are leading 7 1/2 to 3 1/2 so take a 4 point lead into Friday. However, as Mr President pointed out, there are a lot of single matches on Friday so the men are still in with a chance of retaining the trophy.


When I was driving down to buy the bottles for Friday golf this afternoon it was cloudy and we had a few drops of rain. It was also so cold in the car that I turned off the aircon. Sure signs that autumn is here even though it brightened up later.

Looking at the forecast on the top temperature for the next couple of days is only 23 and 24 degrees. However it looks like it will warm up again next week.

So far it has been cracking weather for October. Just noticed that it is 28 degrees in the shade on the terrace at the moment.

The golf course is benefiting as well. the overnight temperatures are still quite high so the summer grass is still green at the moment. I wonder if it will stay that way for the rest of the month or start to die off for the winter later this month.

It is now cold enough on an evening for Jacqui to put the duvet cover on the bed so we can use it if we start feeling a bit cold overnight. No duvet in it - just the cover so far.

According to our thermometer it is in the high 20s in the shade on our terrace at the moment but it is getting colder at night now.

When we woke up this morning it was raining in Almerimar. The first we have seen apart from a few spits and spots at one Friday golf recently.

Summer really is now disappearing.

It was only around 26 degrees in the shade on our terrace this morning. So it looks like summer is nearly over. Not long now until I go back to wearing long trousers and jumpers.

As least you can now park a little easier in Mercadona now that the summer crowds are departing.

The forecast showed us having rain today. Although it has been a bit cloudy and muggy I have not noticed any rain yet.

I hope that the forecast for tomorrow is wrong as it is showing rain starting just as we are about to start our Friday golf and lasting all through the round. I guess we will have to decide whether we are playing or not when we turn up at the clubhouse tomorrow.

The article here on the Olive Press site says that Andalucia is having a cooler summer this year. It doesn't feel like that to me in Almerimar at the moment. It feels very hot and sticky at the moment.

Been busy all day and now having to get ready to go to the Virgen del Carmen celebration to watch Mr President and Jacqui pick up their prizes for coming second in the golf competition at the weekend.

It is sweltering here at the moment. So I am pleased that they are setting up the celebration on the terrace of the golf clubhouse. Hopefully there will be a cooling breeze.

As soon as Jules prepares to come out here the weather turns. It was really windy yesterday and is continuing to be so today. I am glad I decided not to play in the FGS summer Tuesday golf today.

I woke up this morning to see an overcast sky and the road outside damp from the overnight rain. Looking at the forecast for today there is 2.1mm of rain.

It is a bit of a shame as it is the last Tuesday of the winter golfing season for Marianne & Sune.

I hope that the weather improioves a bit for them today.

Looks like the wet winter means that we should be ok for water this summer. So the article here on the Typically Spanish site tells us.

"Spring is sprung, the grass is ris.
I wonders where the birdies is."

Springs is now sprung in Almerimar. We have had 2-3 days of warm sunny weather with not much brezze. So the long period of high winds and colder weather now seems to be over.

The grass isn´t quite ris yet in Almerimar. We still have dormant grass on the fairways but the first signs of it waking up are showing. So hopefully we will have a green course again in the next month or so.

The birdies are in the nature reserve according to our bird watching friend, John Wi. He was out in the reserve yesterday and a lot of the migrating birds have now arived. Again confirming that spring is here.

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