Misty golf - 30 May 2014

Misty golf - 30 May 2014

As you can see from the photos above the fret or haar was with us when playing Friday golf today in Almerimar.

An unusual event for this time of year. It lasted for around 10 minutes here but for longer closer to El Ejido. I guess the golf course will benefit from the unexpected extra watering.

Just checked the forecast for the next week and the overnight temperatures range between 17-20 degrees for Almerimar.

Recently I was told that the summer growing grass on the Almerimar course wake up from its winter slumber once the overnight temperatures reach 16 degrees regularly.

So it looks like we will have thick rough and lush bright green fairways here very soon now.

The summer is not far away now here in Almerimar. Today the Junta Local of Almerimar published the photo above on their Almerimar page on Facebook. Click on the image above to see the full version.

Not a great day for the weather today. It is dark with drizzle at the moment. No need for Jacqui to wear her sunglasses today to protect her eye.

We had a good day for the FGS Sunday golf competition yesterday. Not a cloud in the sky. However it was somewhat windy with the wind coming from the east. Not the preferred direction for the golfers as it makes the two dog legs on the front 9 difficult. Also, 6 out of 9 holes on the back 9 are against the wind.

The prize giving for the competition yesterday is being held at Marisqueria Franc at 7:30pm tonight. As it was a better ball pairs competition there are now no handicaps changes to be made (due to an FGS committee decision last year). The lead organiser, John Fl, is checking the cards himself rather than Jacqui and I. So, unusually, Jacqui and I do not who who the winners are. We will find out this evening.

I think that last night may have been my windiest night in Almerimar since we arrived here in 2004. It is still pretty windy now but at least the sun is out. It is not looking good for Mel's Monday golf today. However the forecast looks a bit for Marianne tomorrow.

It was a shame for the puntuable golf competition and monthly market yesterday as it was raining all yesterday morning.

Lets hope we are in for a run of good weather sometime soon.

I really do not envy Jacqui playing in the windy conditions today here in Almerimar. I think I much prefer sitting in the house tinkering with various bits of work for the FGS etc.

Thanks to Marianne for confirming via Facebook that the moving of the yellow tees forward on the course was only a 1 day temporary measure last week. Also, that there are to be new (orange or pink?) ladies forward tees on the Master course. The positions for these have been marked by posts fixed in the ground with concrete on all 18 holes.

I wonder whether the new forward ladies tees will mean that the red tees of the day on holes 8 and 12 will now be placed back closer to the official competition position on the course. So that the shots to the green on these two par threes are longer again.

The article here on the Euro Weekly News site says that the province of Almería had around 40% less rainfall than expected this year.

We certainly had our fair share here in Almerimar on Christmas day.


Boxing day in Almerimar 2013

What a difference a day makes. Sunshine has returned and normal service is resumed here in Almerimar.

Xmas day 2013

Xmas day 2013

Xmas day 2013

Looks like the forecast was reasonably correct for this morning in Almerimar. The good news is that it is supposed to brighten up this afty.

Merry Christmas and hope you are having good weather wherever you are.

Jacqui has just pointed out the forecast for Almerimar tomorrow.

Winds at 10 m/s overnight then 7 and 9 m/s during the day. Plus more than 40 mm of rain (over 1 1/2 inches) during the day with 27.6 mm (over an inch) due to fall in 6 hours from 07:00.

It looks like we might have lots of flooded road and perhaps even worse flooded apartments and houses tomorrow. Not a very nice Christmas present.

Snow on mountains - 20 December 2013

Terrace view - 20 December 2013

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself this morning. Jacqui had gone off to play Friday golf and I was still suffering from a cold that seems to have lingered on forever. I felt so rough that I had to go to the chemist and pick up some Frenadol and Strepsils to ease the symptoms.

On the way home I looked around and saw what a fantastic day it is in Almerimar. It is 20th December and the sun is shining, there is little wind and you can see the snow on the mountains. This cheered me up a bit. Especially as yesterday afternoon it was very windy with a lot of rain. The first in quite some time.

When I got back home I strolled out onto the terrace and took a couple of photos. Yes, I have zoomed them and cropped them. Nevertheless the pictures above are what things look like from our terrace and the top of our stairs down to the communal swimming pool.

Now I remember why I moved here. This is the first cold I have had in around 2 years. We get wonderful weather like this in the middle of winter and it is well over 20 degrees in the shade on our terrace today.

The only thing that would make things perfect is if I could inflict a little pain on whoever gave me this cold. My guess is that someone brought it over from the Uk - but who?

When I woke up this morning the cover on the table on the terrace was covered with water. So I guess it must have rained overnight.

It is sunshine again now but looking at the long term forecast on it is quite cold (14 or 15 degree max) and quite windy (4-5 metres/second) for the next week or so.

The heavens opened at around 4pm today. It started with thunder and lightning, then hail followed by stacks of rain.

So much so that we had to cancel the short mat bowls today as under the stadium in El Ejido was going to be too wet.

Thankfully the weather looks pretty good for the next week or so now. So ok for the golf competitions on Friday and Sunday.

We had our first real downpour of the winter season yesterday. Plus it is overcast at the moment and there is a threat of rain that might impact on Friday golf tomorrow.

I guess there had to be a break in the great weather here eventually.

We had great weather for the Francis House charity golf competition last Friday- However the windy season is now upon us. The Monday golfers are getting blown to bits today.

I woke up this morning to see rain on the terrace for the first time in absolutely ages. It is the first real rain of the autumn season here in Almerimar.

The good news is that although it is cloudy today the weather looks to be ok for the Friday singles matches in the Woodsly Cup men versus ladies golf competition. The ladies are leading 7 1/2 to 3 1/2 so take a 4 point lead into Friday. However, as Mr President pointed out, there are a lot of single matches on Friday so the men are still in with a chance of retaining the trophy.