It is now only the 7th day of the month. However, already, I think we have had the worst March weather since Jacqui and I moved out here in 2004. It is raining again today and on the days it has not rained in the last week it has been very windy. Or at least that is how it feels.

Luckily Marianne has given us some photos to scan for the Memorias de Almerimar page on Facebook. So that is giving me something to do this morning.

Jacqui has received a delivery of lake balls in the PGD shop this morning. She is busy bagging them and pricing them up. Most of our Swedish visitors are saying the water on the course is swallowing up balls so the shop is doing a good trade in golf balls.

Looking at the forecast it seems to be brighter and warmer after today. Although it will be a bit breezy from time to time. Maybe I will be able to sneak out onto the golf course sometime soon, if I can get a starting time.

For me the wind was really chilly here in Almerimar at times today. I ended up having to wear a wind jacket and a fleece over my polo shirt at golf today. Maybe Marianne isn´t as used to warm weather as myself as I see she says it was a lovely breeze in her Tuesday write-up.

The forecast is for more chilly windy weather tomorrow so we will all have to wrap up warm for the FGS boule competition.

After a very dry winter it appears that the weather is going to catch up with us in February. It rained overnight and it is raining here today. The grass on the golf course will probably appreciate the water as it was looking a little parched.

It does mean that the glaziers installing the new windows in the area on the roof of the clubhouse will have a little bit more of a challenge than they were having so far.

It was so cold here yesterday I had 4 layers of clothes on top by the time I finished the round.

It is sunny this morning but the forecast for this week does not look very good. has rain on Tuesday, Wednesday Friday and Sunday. Also very strong winds on Friday and Saturday.

We have had a very dry winter so far I guess we are due a bit of iffy weather.

Jules, the floosy of the fret, has emailed Jacqui to stake a claim on being the wind goddess of Almerimar now. She arrived recently and we currently have 9 m/s winds that are so bad it is possible that Mel might have to cancel his Monday golf today.

Gee whizz it´s blowing a gale here today.

There are some very big white horses out to sea as you can see.

Lets hope it blows through quickly as we have our big golf match tomorrow when England take on the Rest of the World :-)


It was cold and windy today. Not the best of days for me to take part in the regular Tuesday golf. Although I played badly I did have the pleasure of playing with Arild´s grandson who plays off 1.

Luckily the rain came down in the afternoon just after we had finished playing. So we have had cold, windy, rainy weather today. This is not what I ordered.

Wind and rain in  Almerimar - 19 Jan 13

Wind and rain in  Almerimar  - 19 Jan 13

So far we have had a fantastic winter. It has been dry, sunny and not very windy most of the time. However overnight last night and today is a little different. As you can see from the photos we have wind and rain, big time this morning. The forecast for this afternoon is 10 m/s wind which is enough to blow the balls around on the green.

The good news is that although it will be windy tonight says that it should be back to a light breeze with sun and cloud during the day tomorrow. It will only reach 13 degrees but that should not be too bad for the FGS Sunday competition.

It is just over 17 degrees in the shade on our terrace and the sun is shining. So it is starting to warm up a bit here after a few chilly days. It is still a fleece on for me but I am feeling a little warmer now thank goodness.

This has probably been the worst November for rain since we moved out here in 2004. It feels like it has been raining more days thanwe have had clear days so far this month. At least we have had a couple of nice days recently.

it looks like tomorrow should be OK but it might get a bit windy in the afternoon. Lets hope the 59 Friday golfers get around the course in the light.

It was very windy today so we stopped our knockabout round after 9 holes. We had an interesting 1/2 round pairing up with 2 people from Arild & Anne´s club in Norway.

As we left the course there were a few drops of rain. As yet there has not been much more rain here. However when we look out to sea from our apartment there are a lot of flashes in the sky at the moment. So I guess there is some rain out to sea at the moment.

Judging by the weather so far this month and the long range forecast on it looks like we are in for an unusually wet November this year. Thank goodness I have fitted the weatherboard that Gordon got for us to our roof terrace door.

Most of the golfers playing in the Woodsly Cup got away with playing in a few spits and spots of rain yesterday. However it was pouring down when the last two matches on the course finished sometime between 4pm and 4:30pm. After that the rain went on throughout the evening. Thanks to Jules.

What a difference today. We have bright sunshine for the FGS boule competition starting at 10:30am this morning. It also looks good for the Halloween event in the square starting at 8:30pm this evening. Plus the Halloween event that Maria told me about yesterday in the chiringuito next to Flamingo near the nature reserve. The event in the chiringuito starts at 9pm this evening.

It is as dark this morning as it was yesterday. However yesterday the golfers got away with it and they finished playing in sunshine with a few clouds.

I missed out on a game yesterday as I spent a good part of the day doing a major upgrade on the FGS website and  setting up our golf score checking software to cope with 9 holes on the Classic and the front 9 holes of the Master course. This has delayed publication of the Friday results a bit this week.

Looking at the forecast for today it doesn´t look good. Cloudy then rain coming in from 5pm and then lasting through the night. At least I guess it will be good for the greens.

Maybe I will be able to get a game in sometime on Sunday if there is space on the course.

It is overcast this morning and when Marion phoned us earlier she said it rained while we were still in bed. The temperature on our terrace is only 18 degrees and it is not forecast to get much higher today. Also, the forecast is for quite a lot of rain to hit us tomorow evening.

So it appears that the first day of autumn 2012 is upon us here in Almerimar.

Cars piled up in Almería

After having had a look at the news for the Málaga, Almería and Murcia area of Spain it looks like we got away lightly.

We had a couple of very heavy downpours in Almerimar yesterday and have had a bit of drizzle today. Although it is clearing up a bit now.

There have been people killed, motorways closed and cars piled one on top of each other by the flooding elsewhere in the region. The picture above is from the Ideal site.

Rain in almerimar - 28 September 2012

The picture above is at the end of the first downpour around 9am this morning. The next picture is from around 11am after we had got back from cancelling  Friday golf.

Rain in almerimar - 28 September 2012

The final picture was around 2-3 minutes after the one above and shows the worst of the rain passing through. All 3 were taken out of the window in our living room.

Rain in almerimar - 28 September 2012

Hopefully this will help fill up the reservoirs a little.

According to the article here on the Euro Weekly News site. Judging by the forecast for tomorrow I think they could fill up a bit.

We might have to cancel Friday golf tomorrow if it too rainy.


Although the article here on the Think Spain site is about the whole of Spain Jacqui thinks it applies to Almerimar as well. She said that last night was one of the hottest she has ever remembered. Sadly it was just the temperature she was talking about.