It was murder at golf today and we have had to close most of the windows in the apartment to stop the dust coming in.

Wow it is windy now. I am glad it wasn´t like this earlier for golf.

For the third night in a row we have considered going to the Medieval Market but I don´t think we will be moving from the sofas.

Golf is going to be a bit difficult this morning if the mist doesn´t burn off by 10:48.

Wow it is hot and sticky today. I am sweating buckets at the moment and I am doing nothing more than pottering around at home.

The article here on the Ideal site is confirming what we know. It is hot hot hot at the moment.

Looking out of our window this morning I can hardly see the see for the mist. I guess it is going to be a hot day again once the mist burns off.

It was pretty windy playing in the Virgen del Carmen golf yesterday. The wind seems to be even stronger today. It is going to be fun when they take the statue out to sea this evening if it is still blowing like this.