Just looked at the long term weather forecast for Almerimar and the strongest wind predicted is 6 m/s (21-22 km/h) on 2 days out of the next 10. The other days it is down around a maximum of 4 m/s.

Good news for the golfers but not so good for the windsurfers.

Sand clouds over Spain - 21 February 2016

Jacqui mentioned this photo on Facebook from Tim Peake. Since Saturday it has been very hazy in Almerimar. With loads of sand appearing on cars, terraces and windows etc. It is still hazy here today.

It was so windy yesterday morning the FGS Sunday golf competition was cancelled. However by later in the afternoon the wind calmed down a bit and a number of people managed to squeeze a round in.

Looking out of the window today it is back to having a sunny day with a calm sea. The thermometre is showing 21 degrees in the shade on the terrace.

All is well with the world apart from my nasty cold.

I have been looking round on the internet for photos of Carnaval in Almerimar yesterday. Nothing published yet. I will post something on here if/when I find any pictures.

Wow it is windy this morning. I blame the wind goddess and god Mary & Ray who are turning up in Almerimar today.

The good news is that says it will be calmer this afternoon. I guess a number of the FGS Sunday golfers might delay their starting time a bit today.

We have had a few windy days recently and the forecast is for a few more of these in the coming week. I hear from Jacqui that the pro-am at Almerimar scheduled for this coming Monday (11 January) has been cancelled due to the possibility of bad weather.

Today we had our first rain of 2016.

Our terrace was wet this morning from overnight rain. The sun is trying to break through now and the terrace is nearly dry again.

We moan about the windy weather here. I guess that overall we are pretty lucky. I feel sorry for all the people coping with the floods back in the UK at the moment.

Further to the weather story yesterday. I feel sorry for the golfers playing in the Bahia San Miguel golf competition today. It is very windy indeed. A much better day for the windsurfers than the golfers.

I have to admit I was surprised to see that there was a BSM competition being organised in 2016. Given the rumours that were doing the rounds last year.

Happy New Year.

Having returned yesterday from a 3 night (4 day) New Year break at La Envía Jacqui and I are settling back into life in Almerimar.

First thing we did was check the long term forecast for Almerimar on

The good news is that there is no rain predicted for the new 10 days. Also, there is only one day in the next 10 where there is full cloud predicted for part of the daytime period.

The not so good news is the maximum daytime temperature is only 18 degrees. With it dropping as low as 15 degrees on one of the days (Wednesday 6th January). The lowest overnight temperature is 13 degrees. Also, on Wednesday 6th January.

The bad news is that is it is pretty windy today. Also, the forecast for Monday 3 January is 9 m/s (32-33 km/h). There is also a windy day with 10 m/s (36 km/h) scheduled for Saturday 9 January.

All in all it is a typical Almerimar winter period where the bad weather is mainly windy weather.

Jacqui and I have been away for a few days. When we returned to Almerimar this afternoon the weather had taken a big turn for the worse. It was pouring with rain. Also, it is now only showing the temperature as 16 degrees on our terrace.

Weather mapLooks like it might be down to around 10 degrees overnight this coming weekend. Wrap up warm.

The article here on the Olive Press site has details.

Looking at the long term forecast for Almerimar on it looks like winter is coming soon.

It seems like things should be OK until Saturday afternoon (21 November 2015). However, after that there is a lot of rain scheduled for Saturday night and Sunday if you look at the details lower on the page. Plus the temperature drops a lot next week.

We have had an excellent November so far so I guess we cannot complain too much.

We are still having some hot days when there is not too much breeze about. However the temperature has become much more bearable in the last week or two.

It looks like the hot hot summer is coming to end in Almerimar. The duvet cover is out and in use again on some nights. A sure sign that autumn is not far away.

Wow it was windy last night and is continuiung today. Looks like it drops for tomorrow and the next week or so thank goodness.

We even has a few spits and spots of rain last night. I guess we probably will not see much more of that until the autumn now.

Rainy day in Almerimar

As you can see it was a bit rainy in Almerimar this morning. As usual the road in to the port at Dársena 1 was overflowing as the drains cannot cope with a sudden downpour.

We were nearly blown off the course playing in the last FGS Sunday competition of the spring yesterday. Wow was it windy.

It looks like it is pretty windy today and tomorrow as well. I was planning to take part in Tuesday golf tomorrow but I think I will give it a miss as is showing 7-8 m/s wind speed.

As we are now finding out we are just approaching fruit fly and hay fever season. Fine for those with fly screens at home and those who buy loratadina tablets from the chemists and take one a day. Not so good for those people who have to fish the fruit flies out of their wine glasses or put up with streaming noses and eyes.

Taking a look at the long term forecast for Almerimar it looks like it will be better weather for windsurfers than golfers the next few days. There is even the threat of a little rain on some of the days. Also the maximum temperature is dropping a bit but looks to be building again by the end of the week.

We still have another month or two of having to check the weather charts. After that it is likely to be just like it used to say on The Fast Show - scorchio.

There are a number of signs that summer is not far off.

The temperature is in the 20s pretty regularly now. The summer grass is starting to grow again on the golf course. The number of Swedes in town is gradually going down now the long stay visitors are going home. We had a night in the toldo on our terrace last night and we did not need the patio heater. Jacqui is currently sunbathing on the terrace for the first time this year.

However it will probably be at least another 3 - 4 months before you are likely to see my bare legs on the golf course.

So far we have had a really good winter. However just when you think it should get better things take a turn for the worse. It has been cold and rainy for the last day or two and looks to be continuing for a while. Hopefully this will be just about the end of the bad weather and spring/summer will be upon us soon.