Víctor Fernández, the local windsurfer, who has in the past won the world title and has been in the top 4 in the world for the last 5 years is to continue promoting Almerimar.

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Champion Victor Fernandez will continue to promote worldwide to El Ejido destination for sports

The mayor of El Ejido and the athlete have signed the extension of the contract signed in 2012 by which the windsurfer takes five continents the image of the city, projecting its possibilities to practice water sports

The City of El Ejido and world champion Victor Fernandez have been extended for another year collaboration to promote worldwide the name of El Ejido destined for the practice of sports and water sports.

Mayor Francisco Góngora received today in the Consistory Victor Fernandez to sign the contract extension signed in 2012, by which the windsurfer is carrying the image of the town on five continents through each of the trials and championships in the involved. "This contract with Victor allows us also to support you to continue to keep the top of the world, realize their potential and to give international projection also know our tourist and sports possibilities," says the mayor.

And it is that one of the priorities of the municipal government in recent years has been to work every day to take advantage of all the resources to enhance the image of El Ejido abroad, for, plus you be known for its agricultural leadership and the production of fruits and vegetables of the highest quality, is also known for its diverse tourism, natural resources, environmental values ​​and opportunities to practice a variety of water sports and activities.

Thus, the ejidense athlete bears the image of El Ejido and Almerimar worldwide with a logo specially designed for it, while the sports center that bears his name in the residential courses taught from 2012 to kids that start in this activity.

"Victor has managed to become world champion practiced in our beaches, which shows that our coast meets all the requirements for practicing all kinds of water sports at the highest level," stressed Gongora, who in the same way it has He said that in addition, "Victor represents the values ​​of our country, values ​​of excellence, effort and humility to their personal and sporting qualities that led him to be among the best add".

Victor Fernandez won last year to take the title of Vice World Windsurfing on the wave mode 2014, thereby having reached the goal of staying for the fifth consecutive year, among the four best windsurfers in the world ends. The ejidense athlete has an extraordinary resume in accumulating several titles, including the world champion in 2010, fourth in 2011, second in 2012, third in 2013 and runners-up in 2014; all magnificent results that support him as one of the best athletes in the world practice this extreme sport.