Victor Fernández

The article here on the town hall website has details of how El Ejido has honoured Victor Fernández.

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The mayor announces the designation of Victor Fernández as 'honorary ambassador of the city of El Ejido'

The petition will be sent to the Plenary for approval by all members of the corporation as it marks the ROG

Francisco Góngora says that "it is exciting to share today this milestone not only of the Almeria and national sport, because a world championship is not achieved every day"

For the councilman "this ejidense athlete more than meets the profile that has to have this recognition with which the City Council seeks to promote the city and its image around the world"

The mayor has extolled the personal side of the windsurfer, highlighting "the humility that characterizes him, the fact that kept his feet on the ground despite the important sports achievements achieved"

According to Góngora, these athletes "is a clear example of constancy, effort and improvement that embodies the values ​​that identifies our own society"

Fernández says he will "try to represent El Ejido as best as possible from that honor that they grant me to be the Ambassador of my people," which he has defined as "true paradise"
The municipality of El Ejido was the first stop for Víctor Fernández after returning to Spain after getting his second title as World Champion Windsurf in the wave form. And it has done so to maintain a meeting with the ejidense mayor, Francisco Góngora, that had like objective to offer this valuable title to its native city, the ejidense municipality.

It has undoubtedly been an emotional act in which Góngora himself has wanted to publicly show his "emotion" for hosting today in the Consistory this outstanding sportsman ejidense, as well as for the fact "to share with him this historic sporting milestone that represents this Win not only in Almeria but also at national and international level, since a title of world champion is something that is not achieved every day. "

Similarly, the first words of the mayor have been thanks to the windsurfer for "never forget his roots or this land that gave birth to him, which has shown that it is still linked to one hundred percent and of which I am Which presumes worldwide. "

In that act, the mayor of Ejidense has announced that he will propose to the Municipal Plenary that this athlete of recognized international trajectory be granted the appointment of 'Honorary Ambassador of the city of El Ejido', "a title that we had never before recognized Within the various honors and mentions that El Ejido and this council can recognize ". In this regard, the alderman explained that "this distinction comes to join those granted to the singer Manolo Escobar as Favorite Son or the Honorary Mayoress to our Patroness, Divine Infantita." In fact, in his view, The profile that has to have this recognition with which the City Council seeks to promote the city and its image around the world. "

Góngora has mentioned the important track record with the athlete, "a total of 8 podium, 5 sub-championships, a third place and two titles of the world." An athletic race that the regidor ejidense has described as "incomparable" while he was convinced that "he still has many years in which he will continue to demonstrate his level and performing at the highest level to continue aspiring for this title" 

The mayor has also praised the personal facet of the windsurfer, who has said that "is a clear example of constancy, effort and improvement." And, through sport, "has the opportunity to project that personality quiet, humble and always with their feet on the ground." Góngora has remarked that "Victor Fernández perfectly embodies the fundamental values ​​of our society as they are: effort, perseverance, humility and hard work." He has also insisted that "he is a magnificent ambassador of our land" and In this sense he recalled that "we have, since the Consistory, five years betting on him with a sponsorship contract; Because, through the values ​​that he advocates with the sport, El Ejido benefits from that important promotion that he makes. "

Góngora also wanted to extol the fact that "Victor, despite exercising his professional activity along the five continents, Víctor Fernández maintains his family base in El Ejido, when he is a person who could choose anywhere in the world, not only where Live, but where to locate your Windsurf School. And yet, he chose his city El Ejido and his beloved Almerimar to promote the Víctor Fernández Center project, which is paying off with an important quarry. "

In addition, the sportsman will now promote fruits and vegetables through the distinctive campaign 'El Ejido, Gourmet Quality', which the windsurer take from now on to promote healthy fruits and vegetables, as well as tasty as the ones Here are produced, since we are the authentic producers of that Mediterranean diet so beneficial to sports performance and health itself.

For his part, the windsurfer ejidense has been "happy and proud of his land" which he praised as "an entire paradise." He also stressed "how important it was to get the title of world champion after six years of the first for the second time in his career." A prize that, as he has said, has wanted to "dedicate to the people of El Ejido where I am and feel that I am".

Fernández has assured that he will "try to represent the best possible to the city from that honor that I am granted as Ambassador, as well as what vegetables represent this land, so that, more and more, know more El Ejido and , Above all, try to do everything possible to extrapolate all this worldwide so that both athletes and visitors come to know personally the benefits of this land.