El Ejido mayor and Victor Fernández

The article here on the town hall website has details of the latest meeting between the mayor of El Ejido and our local windsurfing champion, Victor Fernández.

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The mayor receives Víctor Fernández before he leaves to Germany to try to revalidate his title of Champion of the World of Windsurf

Francisco Góngora, has wished him "all the luck of the world" in his participation in this important competition in which "I am convinced, you will get very good results thanks to your professionalism and good preparation"

The two-time world champion continues to promote the name of El Ejido across five continents this time in one of the most acclaimed events of this sport and where he will face also world champion Björn Dunkerbeck

The regidor ejidense has announced that next January the coast of Almerimar the first of six predicted events of the Spanish Circuit of Winsurf

For the municipal official, "this is a meeting that will be very beneficial for the city, as it will contribute to a very positive contribution to its tourism and sports development"
The mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, along with the councilors of Tourism, Luisa Barranco, and Sports, Maria Jose Martín, today received the sportsman and Honorary Ambassador of the city, Víctor Fernández, before he leaves for Germany to continue participating in the Windsurf World Championship in the Wave mode. During the meeting, the rider and the rider have discussed the upcoming projects, challenges and championships in which the latter will be present to continue harvesting important titles that place him at the top of this modality, while continuing to bear the name of The Ejido for all the competitions to which it comes.

Góngora has wished "all the luck of the world" to the ejidense that, in this occasion, will face athletes of the level of Björn Dunkerbeck, also champion of the world, or the German Philip Köster, in one of the most important tests of his category. Moreover, he has said he is convinced that "he will get good results thanks to his professionalism and if he continues in the line to which he has accustomed us".

For his part, the windsurfer has shown the optimism with which he faces the test of Germany and, as he said, "is very strong after an intense summer of training." Fernandez has insisted on the "difficulty of this competition to develop in very adverse weather conditions". A fact that makes her one of the favorite quotes of the athlete. His goal is "to focus on getting the championship or at least stay in the second place," he said.

The councilman has influenced "the important work of promotion of the city that he realizes wherever he goes and that has intensified after the signing of the extension of the contract of advertising sponsorship that the world champion maintains with the Consistory and through which, is sold to the municipality as an excellent holiday destination throughout the year, suitable for the practice of sports and nautical activities.

And, as Góngora has recalled, "Victor has been formed from the sporting point of view on our beaches; so that we can say with total pride that he has become champion in our waters. "A fact that, as such and has said," consolidates, regardless of its potential as an athlete, that the municipality meets all the requirements for the practice of any high level nautical sport ".

Continuing along this line, and as the mayor announced, "the municipality already works to host next January the first test of the six planned within the Spanish Windsurfing Circuit" which, as he said, it is a meeting that will be very beneficial for the city, since it will come to contribute, in a very positive way, to its tourism and sports development. " In this way, the Consistory is immersed in the logistics, sponsorship and collaboration of companies in the area in what, Góngora, believes that "it will be a party of this sport in which, in addition, we will have Victor competing."

Likewise, he valued the test that is expected to be carried out in the ejidense coast as "very good for the group of windsurfers that is leaving our beaches, specifically of the installations' Víctor Fernández Center 'and the' Club Mar Azul ". Undoubtedly, a meeting that, as well explained, "has as its main purpose continue to support the practice of this sport in the municipality and continue doing quarry."