The article here on the Almería 360 website has the results of the recent major windsurfing competition held in Almerimar a few days ago.

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Almerimar, stage of a test of the U-20 windsurfing world

More than 40 participants from seven nationalities have competed in the second edition of the Víctor Fernández PWA Youth World Cup Almerimar in slalom, competing for a total of 11 races during the competition that took place at the Víctor Fernández Center in Almerimar.

On the first day of competition, 9 sleeves of slalom with east wind were played in an intense day of windsurfing. And, the last day two other races were played, this time with the west wind, so the young windsurfers could enjoy diverse conditions.

The event marks its second successful edition of participation and organization, proving that the beach of Almerimar is a reference point for world windsurfing, especially for the young promises that lived together for a week carrying out many sports and social activities.

The junior test has been divided into four categories: first, the U-20 category, in which the male winner was the Frenchman Benoit Merceur (F1159), while in the women's category local windsurfer Regina Villegas has won ( E111). In the sub-17 category, the Frenchman Armand Genevais (F159) has won the most outstanding in all the disputed magnums, and in the category of women highlighted Mar De Arce (E279).

In the female under-15 category the local Noelia Fuentes (E409) stood out. Finally, in the sub-13 category, the youngest, the winner was the ejido Miguel Mirón (E918).

Victor himself has stressed that: "the celebration of the second junior world has exceeded all expectations in terms of organization, how to participate during the event, so we are ready for the third edition, which will be held from 27 to 30 December 2019 with the championship of Spain and from January 2 to 6, 2020 the junior world PWA. I am very happy with the level offered by our local windsurfers, this type of high level test helps them improve as professionals. "

And is that Almerian competitors have obtained a total of six podiums: José Antonio Casanova (E442) reaped second place in the men's under-20 category and Regina Villegas (E111) achieved the first position in women's sub-20. On the other hand Elena Cantón (E434) finished second in the same sub-20 category. Also note the participation of Noelia Fuentes (E409) in the sub-15 category, and the first place of Miguel Mirón (E918) in the sub-13 category, where Javier Quinta (E1142) finished third.

It was the first stop of the 2019 windsurfing world, which will continue in Japan, Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Hawaii, in the wave mode, since the slalom will have a second test in Turkey.