The article here on the El Ejido town hall website has details about this. Note that the information was first published on the town hall website on 31 May 2012.

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The mayor and the athlete today signed a collaboration agreement to sell the image of the municipality as a destination for water sports. Víctor Fernández, who will start the World Championship on July 2, is proud of representing the image of El Ejido.

The City of El Ejido has this morning signed a collaboration agreement with
ctor Fernández, Windsurf World Champion 2010, for a period of four years in which the athlete will carry the image of the municipality and promote our tourism and sports opportunities throughout the world.

The mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Gongora, has been quoted in the document saying that "the potential of Víctor in terms of image has been wasted and now I want to use it to the benefit of the municipality. It is a mutual benefit and Victor will receive the amount € 18,000 a year, allowing him to have more support giving him a greater chance to recover the title of World Champion
in 2012."

The government team has set a goal to work every day to improve the image that El Ejido promotes, not only at the provincial, regional or national level, but also internationally. "We firmly believe that El Ejido should be known as this town really is. We are known for competitive agriculture and food quality, but not from the tourist point of view of our natural resources, environmental values, opportunities for sport in natural settings and water activities" says the mayor.

Therefore, this collaboration agreement also includes carrying the image of El Ejido and Almerimar on five continents, with a specially designed logo for it, to the extent that is permitted in international competition.
ctor Fernández will work with the Department of Tourism to promote the municipality and the sport. He will teach courses to kids who want to start this activity in the aquatic center that will open in the coming weeks in one of the chringuitos in Almerimar.

Also, Gongora understands "Víctor is the best person to represent the values of our area, values of effort, perseverance, humility and work. In addition to his personal qualities and sports ability that led him to become world champion ". "Victor has become world champion in demonstrating our beaches for all levels of athletes and that our coastline meets all the requirements for practicing all kinds of high-level sports" noted the mayor.

Víctor Fernández is very pleased to represent the image of his people and have the backing of the town hall. "I take the name of El Ejido with pride at the World Championship which starts on July 2 in Gran Canaria and Tenerife on July 12. The support of the City will allow me to have more resources and compete in more rounds of event with the last round in Germany. We know that the circuit is very short and will be very intense" stressed the athlete.

For her part, Councillor for Tourism, Luisa Barranco, explained that "El Ejido is in luck because thanks to this agreement from today we will be able to exploit the area as a tourist attraction with marine cuisine, heritage, nature and culture, among other things. "